7 Office Cleaning Issues That You Can Spot Instantly

professionals cleaning an office

On the surface, cleaning may seem like a simple task: wipe, sweep, wash, dry, and repeat as necessary. On principle, it’s a lot like that. But, underneath all that wiping and sweeping and washing is the knowledge of doing it the right way.

Upon first glance, you may think that everything is alright with your recently washed carpets, or that the scuff marks on your walls are something you consider normal. They aren’t.  The trained eye of cleaning experts can easily spot these office cleaning issues that may have been the result of improper cleaning methods.

This is why the services of professional cleaners are highly sought after in areas like New London County, Connecticut, where businesses, offices, and commercial spaces thrive. And if you’re still not in on the whole idea, you should start asking yourself why your in-house restaurant cleaners might not be enough.

Below, we’re sharing a couple of these office cleaning issues that you can easily spot on your own.

The effects of over-cleaning with substances

The elevator has had its fair share of cleaning and disinfection time. It’s understandable. But up to a certain point, the cleaning may get out of hand.

If you notice an unusual blue tinge around the elevator buttons, tinting even the color of the walls, then you’ve got yourself an office cleaning issue.

This issue may come as a result of too much spray or that the cloth with cleaning mix may have gone beyond the metal piece.

Noticeable carpet marks

Even if you have darker-colored carpets, some marks cannot escape your sight, especially if these marks go against the pattern.

Depending on the shape of the marks, these may have been caused by prolonged exposure to the vacuum or other equipment. If these were circles, it could’ve been caused by COVID-19 stickers placed on the floor during that time.

Careful carpet cleaning can help eliminate these marks, but if these marks were persistent, you’re at risk of changing carpet tiles.

Marks and stains on trims

Areas where the carpet ends and a tile begins, like an elevator and other rooms like comfort rooms, are easy victims to rubber marks and other spotting.

These marks on trims may come from office furniture or office contractors dragging items in and out of the office, and not properly lifting them.

These marks and stains can be removed with some sufficient scrubbing coupled with a cleaning substance, but this must still be done in good faith to not produce further damage on the part.

The good old scuff marks on the walls

Every office space has had a scuff mark problem that checks out. It’s no stranger to anybody. It’s an office cleaning issue we all know too well.

The thing with these scuff marks is that sometimes they are easy to clean, and sometimes they’re not. If you have a water-based emulsion paint finish, using a damp cloth to clean off these scuff marks may cause the paint to peel away, to anyone’s demise.

If you can, try to find out the source of these scuff marks. These are often random, but they are also signs that point to an office concern that you can probably prevent with a little caution, like people moving furniture and equipment around, contractors doing work, and sometimes, people who come in bikes and carry their bikes inside.

old office stairs

Stairs treads and standing areas

Ahh, the metal strip on the edge of each stair is a witness to every dirt every shoe has stepped on. And it can get quite dirty, hence, harder to clean.

The usual concern about stair treads is that one may need to allow extra time and effort to clean these. Second, you may need to be extra vigilant about these metal strips becoming loose as these can cause accidents. While not a cleaning issue, cleaners are most likely to notice these during their routine cleaning and can give a word out to maintenance people to fix the issue.

Glazing labels and signs

Nobody likes glue once it has been doing its job sticking paper to a wall for a long time. It gets darker in color, stickier, and even harder to remove.

For labels and signs that have started to glaze, you can ponder first if they are necessary to stay or can be removed. If they cannot be removed, see if repositioning is an option.

If they can be removed, carefully scrub the glue off behind the glass or wood. Make sure you’re not committing further damage in doing so.

old but functioning office lights

Marks and damages from lighting

Lighting fixtures are easily a reservoir of dust and dirt, especially when left for a long time to their devices. In this case, you not only suffer from having a dirty fixture but you’re also left to tolerate poor lighting quality.

This is a concern that not only concerns your cleaners, but also your electrician. Immediately inform your electrician about the situation, and then see if replacing the fitting is required.


Coming to terms with office cleaning issues

If you keep experiencing these issues, it may be a good time to reevaluation how you deal with your office cleaning.

Are your office mugs clean? That’s one question you can ask yourself to know if you’re handling the cleaning situation of your office well. If it’s not, you may need to take a look at anything that sticks out. After all, the devil is in the details.

What happens next is a string of changes. Maybe you need to talk to your staff or the people in your office space to discuss possible resolutions and their cooperation with your new plans. Maybe you need to seek the services of a better cleaning company, one that meets your needs as an office space owner or a commercial business proprietor.  

Whatever it is, keep your eyes peeled, and don’t be afraid to take important risks. It’s in your best interest to make sure everyone who’s visiting and working for your space is safe and will leave a positive impression of your space.