8 Things That Will Make You Reconsider Your Commercial Cleaning Company

things to look for for your commercial cleaning company

Have you felt dissatisfied with your cleaning company’s performance? Received daily complaints from your employees regarding how untidy the office is despite having it cleaned recently? Recurring issues that should have been solved with one clean? If your answer to one of these questions is yes, then you have to start considering your commercial cleaning company.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the cleaning industry has experienced exponential growth year after year. The demand for commercial cleaning companies has skyrocketed after everyone realized that having a comprehensive cleaning strategy can help them decrease the chances of catching the virus. That’s why it’s crucial that you hire the perfect cleaning company for you and your workplace to have a safe environment in the office. Even when the demand hasn’t dried up, commercial cleaning companies still face various issues that might lead to cleaning issues and negatively affect your business.

Things to Reconsider for your Current Commercial Cleaning Company

Lack of Proper Training

The most important criteria in every industry would be the amount of training the employees are put into and the cleaning industry is no exception. To achieve that spotless and virus-free office environment, it is crucial to know if your current cleaning company understands the importance of training their employees.

If you’re unsure how to determine if your cleaning company provides adequate training, then try monitoring their employees’ performance. Most untrained employees would likely result in poor cleaning services. Some might even skip some steps or might not know a lot of things about disinfectants, and cleaning products. If you can’t seem to notice these then noticing recurring problems should do the trick. Although some recurring problems are caused by old equipment on your part, it may also be caused by poor cleaning service.

High Turnover Rate

You won’t notice any cleaning issues in most commercial cleaning services, but that doesn’t mean they provide adequate training. Companies that require proper training are more likely to have high turnover rate like cleaning companies. The reason for this stems from employees not meeting the company’s standards. This also means that the training provided by the company lacks.

You might think that your cleaning company having high turnover rate doesn’t concern you however, that is not the case. A high turnover rate also affects your business by having a reduced value to your commercial cleaning, unfinished tasks, decreases the trust you have for your cleaning company, and new faces that needs to undergo security for your business’ safety. It is a hassle so ensure that you keep tabs on your cleaning company’s internal affairs as much as possible.

Poor Communication

Even if your cleaning company does an exceptional job when it comes to your regular cleaning but does not give importance to constant communication then you may still have a problem in your hands. Poor communication can lead to delayed solutions when you see problems with their output.

If you experience delayed invoices, seldom get in touch with the management, and some important documents lost, then its time to look for a new cleaning company. Having little to no contact with your cleaning company is frustrating since you can’t guarantee if the things you’ve said to the employees would be relayed to the company or vice versa. The most effective cleaning company utilizes a communication system that works for you and them.


Absence of an Effective Quality Assurance System

Different industries have cleaning standards that they must follow to avoid warnings from authorities, and a force closure of the business itself. That’s why Quality Assurance Systems are established by most cleaning companies to ensure that their services are up to standard and would pass any health and safety standards the company has to pass

Moreover, having an effective QA system has a lot of benefits such as increased customer confidence and company credibility, whilst improving the work process efficiently. It also gives the company an advantage to others. If your commercial cleaning company lacks an effective QA system, let them know about this concern whatever their response is it would determine how you would move forward.


Inability to Analyze Customer Data and Manage Customer Satisfaction

customizing your commercial cleaning service

A business’ cleaning needs differ from industry to industry that’s why some hire specialized cleaners to perform jobs that only they can provide exceptional results such as industrial cleaning, and high-level cleaning. However, some commercial cleaning companies think that one method of cleaning goes well for everything. This right here is one of the biggest challenges in the cleaning industry, the inability to analyze customer data, collect feedback and improve customer experience.


Having Inefficient Processes

Every business wants do to more with less and to avoid wasting any resources while getting the most perfect results. That’s why commercial cleaning companies should adapt to technological changes as well. This is to ensure that their systems are up to date and saves them time and money.


Investing in technology can automate and streamline many tasks for you such as keeping track of their schedule, invoices, QA system, and customer feedback or suggestions for improvement. It’s much easier than manually crunching numbers for each client, especially when they have so much more on your plate.


Using Non-sustainable Products

People’s awareness about how they can affect the environment with every move they make is continually growing year-on-year. That’s why most companies are starting to think greener in terms of their business operations. Everyone wants to help reduce carbon emissions and to promote sustainability.

The cleaning industry was no exception. Green cleaning products have started growing in-demand. However, not all are using them since they are a tad bit pricey compared to non-sustainable products. If your commercial cleaner is one of the few companies hesitant on spending more to save the environment then where did green cleaning go, right?


Doesn’t Have Healthy Customer Relations

Healthy customer relations tell a lot about a business. You cannot run a successful business without maintaining good relationships with your customers and clients. Customers are the heart of almost every business, especially the cleaning industry. Satisfied customers want regular cleanings, so there’s value in offering a service that keeps them coming back for more.

Finding a commercial cleaning company that has aced all of these is difficult to find. That’s why if you already have one, you’re a lucky fellow. However, if you’re still in search for the perfect cleaning company for your business we wish you the best of luck!

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