Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About High-Level Cleaning but Were Afraid to Ask

high-level cleaning 101

What is High-Level Cleaning?

Bet you already saw a person or two hanging outside a building with a squeegee at hand. Well, that’s a type of high-level cleaning. High-Level Cleaning is a kind of service specifically tailored to clean, sanitize, and disinfect areas that are higher than what a person can reach while standing on the ground or with the help of a ladder such as windows, light fittings, ceilings, walls, and exterior cladding. It is known that cleaning at a height is dangerous that’s why some companies skip cleaning their exterior walls, and interior ceilings since they aren’t the first thing people notice when they see and enter an establishment. However, this simple gesture of neglecting high-level areas can pose a huge threat in the future.

Although high-level cleaning is dangerous, it is still a must procedure in maintaining your establishment’s cleanliness. That’s why companies specializing in this field started appearing with trained employees, and specialized equipment. Additionally, laws were created to ensure the safety and health of both the cleaning company’s employees and client personnel.

Two Types of High-Level Cleaning

External High-Level Cleaning

As the name suggests, external high-level cleaning is all about cleaning the outside parts of the building such as the external part of the windows, roof, gutters, solar panels, banner signs, skylights, and canopies.

Internal High-Level Cleaning

Most businesses only think about external cleaning when they hear about high-level and often overlook internal high-level cleaning. However, there are businesses such as car dealers, historical buildings, and warehouses that require high-level cleaning internally. These services include cleaning of internal roofing, light fittings, internal cladding, walls, ducts, and structural steels.

High-Level Cleaning Procedures

Initial Inspection

Performing an initial inspection before the required cleaning day is a must. This would allow the cleaning company to assess the whole building and know which parts need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Moreover, performing an initial inspection lets them prepare all the tools and suitable supplies needed before the said date.

Additional Inspection

Once the team of cleaning professionals arrives, they would do additional inspection since minor accidents might happen between the date of initial inspection and cleaning day. They would inform their superiors if any additional services are needed to be performed and wait for the go signal before continuing work.

Make the Work Area Safe

The next procedure would be to ensure everyone’s safety by setting up signs for people to avoid walking under where they’re currently working to avoid accidents that might occur and ensure that there’s still a way for people to pass. For external high-level cleaning, the employees would secure their safety harnesses and set up signs below to inform passers-by.

Clean high level and low level

This is where the cleaners would focus more, on the actual cleaning both internally and externally. Using the most suitable cleaning solutions and the best equipment, they would help your business achieve your cleaning goals. As mentioned earlier, the cleaners would do an additional inspection before starting.

If there is an additional service that must be done and can be done by them, they’d advise you to schedule another appointment if they have other appointments that day or ask you if you want them to do it the same day, but with additional fees since the agreed fee does not include the additional ones. If what they say isn’t within their range of services, they’d suggest or advise you to hire cleaning companies that they know would perform exceptionally.

Final Inspection

Most commercial cleaners have a checklist to complete after the cleaning is done. This is to ensure that everything is taken care of and done perfectly. This also serves as a procedure to let them know if all the equipment they’ve brought is complete and there are no missing items.

What You Need to Look for When Hiring Commercial Cleaners?

how to choose the best commercial cleaning company for high-level cleaning

High-Level Cleaning is one of the most dangerous cleaning specializations a commercial cleaning company can have. Not only does cleaning at a height seem dangerous, but also requires a lot of time and specialized equipment that would allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas. That’s why most businesses hire commercial cleaners specializing in this field.

Finding the most reliable high-level cleaning company out there can be difficult and you may come across a substandard cleaning service provider that would make you think twice about hiring another cleaning company. That’s why we’ve listed a few things you might want to investigate before hiring your commercial cleaner.

Ask people for recommendations

Asking your family members, friends, or close neighbors for any commercial cleaning company recommendations is the best. Personal recommendations are better compared to online reviews because the latter can be faked.

Look at reviews from previous/present clients

If your personal connections don’t have any personal recommendations then looking at online reviews from different sites such as Yelp, BBB, and Google is your next best option. Don’t just rely on reviews from the company’s website, check out third-party review sites as well.

Make sure they are fully bonded and insured

All professional cleaners are bonded and insured to protect themselves from theft by the employees or when an employee gets injured during work hours. However, there is a red flag you have to watch out for when hiring a bonded cleaning company, you, as a client, aren’t protected by their insurance and bond. You must ensure that the cleaning company you’re going to hire has general liability insurance or bond because accidents during work are unavoidable. Their employees might accidentally break a window, or equipment in your building. If they don’t have a general liability bond, then the employees must pay for the damage using their own money.

List down all your candidates and compare costs

During your search for the most suitable cleaning company, you would come across a dozen companies with exceptional reputations. These companies will definitely have varying prices and packages you can choose from. That’s why listing them down and comparing them to one another would allow you to decide which company would bring you the best results at the most reasonable price.

Check if they are licensed and offer safety

Aside from ensuring if the company has a general liability bond or insurance, checking if they are licensed is also a must. Certifications for WHMIS, PPE, construction

safety training system, first aid, and all the necessary licenses must be present. These licenses and certifications also concern your employees’ and clients’ safety during the cleaning period. Knowing they have sufficient training for what they are about to do in your office will make you feel at ease.

Check their location

The closer the company is the better because if you notice something wrong with their work, you can ask them to redo it immediately, and would not affect your working conditions. Additionally, knowing the location or exact address would allow you to estimate what time would they arrive.

Schedule a meet and greet

Lastly, meeting the whole team personally would assure you more compared to seeing the information and reviews online. Seeing the team personally would allow you to assess their behaviors and characteristics. By knowing these things, you’d be able to guess what kind of work ethic they have and know a little about how they do things.

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