Getting Rid of Bad Odors in Carpet

One of the possible consequences of the daily use of carpets is not only their potential pollution but also the appearance of an unpleasant smell. Therefore, in this article, we will consider the main causes of bad odors from carpets and rugs, as well as how to remove each of these types of odors.

If the carpet began to smell bad, you should immediately find the source of this problem.

All carpet odors can be divided into 3 groups:

1. New carpets and other floorings smell.
2. Odors that appear as a result of contamination of the carpet by food, drinks, chemicals, etc.
3. Unpleasant odors arising after improper cleaning with household chemicals, as well as after wet cleaning and inappropriate drying.

Getting rid of bad odors in carpet

Each of these types has its specifics, as well as a different approach to carpet cleaning and the process of removing the most unpleasant odor. Below we will tell you how to remove each type of smell at home and what means to use for this.

Bad smell from the new carpet

Why does the new rug smell bad? The answer to this question is quite simple. Modern carpet manufacturers in most cases, process all finished goods with various chemicals to improve their performance. For example, so that the product does not become electrified, does not cause allergies, etc.

This is the main reason for the appearance of an unpleasant smell from new carpets. Also, the smell may appear due to the rubberized, latex or adhesive base of poor quality.

After buying a new carpet at the store, the “factory” smell should disappear within a few days (maximum within a week). During this time you should constantly ventilate the room where the carpet is. Do not stay in that room for too long.

How to get rid of the mold smell

This smell is related to the constant use of carpets in humid rooms, which are rarely ventilated. The carpet can also stink after washing and improper drying. The source of bad odor is bacteria and fungus that appear on the surface.

Carpets made of natural materials that were not treated with special antiseptic agents are most susceptible to fungus. You can cope with the problem by drying the carpet. But do not hang it in the sun. When exposed to direct sunlight, the colors fade. Use a hairdryer to quickly dry wet areas. Then disinfect the carpet with a special UV lamp.

How to prevent the mold smell

After wet cleaning and washing, the carpets must be completely dried (both the pile and the basis). If you use it in places with high humidity, it is necessary to dry it regularly and check the condition of the pile and the base of the carpet. Air the room more often and use special air dehumidifiers. Some dry cleaners offer special treatment for carpets against fungus and bacteria. If you do not use a rug, then before you twist it and put it into storage, be sure to clean this and completely dry it.

What to do with other odors (caused by food, drinks, chemicals, etc.)

How to remove the beer smell

As soon as the beer has got on the carpet, immediately soak it with clean napkins or a towel (the main thing is that it is not painted). Then, after wetting a clean rag with plain water, try to gently clean the beer stain on the carpet, but do not wet or rub it much. You can use a soap solution instead of water (with a small concentration of soap).

After these procedures, it is imperative to dry the wet spot on the carpet well. You can put something under the carpet for better air circulation. The unpleasant smell of beer on the carpet will probably last several days. Ventilate the room more often and the beer smell will go away by itself.

How to remove the fish smell

You can use the usual means to do this. Clean the dirty spot on the carpet with kitchen salt (the salt absorbs odors well), or with a mild soap or vinegar solution. Also, special chemicals for carpet cleaning will help to remove the fish smell from carpets.

No one can guarantee that unpleasant carpet odors will not appear. These tips will help get rid of them quickly and efficiently. But before using any means, it is worth testing their effect on a small inconspicuous part of the product.

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