Office Kitchen Ideas: Making your Shared Space Better

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Because of the pandemic, people were forced to work from home for almost two years. Now that the situation and our daily lives are getting back to normal day by day, employees are now required to report to their respective offices.

One dilemma that most employees are experiencing is how to cope with the changes in their location. After the crisis, not everyone is comfortable with being around people – eating, working, and socializing. In fact, the fear of contracting the dreaded disease when sharing a meal with co-workers isn’t completely unfounded.

The new normal calls for a new office kitchen set-up. Below are a few office kitchen ideas that would help employees enjoy and make the most out of their return on-site:

How to improve your office kitchen

Smart over Lavish

One of the keys to having a great kitchen office is first and foremost, knowing what you’re working with. This basically means that you should be able to maximize the space that you have by studying it and making it work for your operation’s specific needs. It won’t matter if you want to buy a full-sized espresso machine if your space won’t allow you to even fit one, or if your employees aren’t coffee drinkers.

All the floorplan measurements for the counter space should be considered and studied well before buying and putting anything into your office kitchen. There are essentials that need to be in your office kitchen like a refrigerator, kettle, and microwave. Anything else is just a bonus and is nice to have.

Empower your Employees

Having an office kitchen and using the office kitchen comes with responsibility. It’s already given that you use the space, you have to clean after yourself. This is an unspoken rule. However, when everyone’s in a rush, employees tend to forgo this golden rule, which makes the office kitchen dirty and unclean. Most of the time the problem lies with used dishes. Thankfully, the solution is quite simple.

Here are office ideas that can help in maintaining cleanliness in the office kitchen:

  • If you have the space and the budget for one, having a dishwasher is a lifesaver. It’ll solve problems and hours with dishwashing and will be cleaner.
  • If you don’t have a dishwasher, a well-maintained sink with a draining rack would work as well. Just make sure to have enough stocks like cleaning cloths, anti-bac sprays, sponges, and dishwashing liquid so that it’ll be easier to use the sink.

Determine What You Need to Have

Aside from the three essential kitchen tools that were mentioned (refrigerator, microwave, and kettle), there are other kitchen gadgets and tools that would make the office kitchen nicer thus, making the employees feel comfortable and at ease:

  • No touch bins – this will be a great tool since we are still being cautious and are now living in a post-COVID world. This will help lessen the touching of dirty surfaces.
  • Oven toaster – an oven toaster in the kitchen office will go a long way especially for heating up food like sandwiches etc.
  • Coffee maker and supplies – a great cup of joe is a work day essential for most people. Having a great coffee maker and complete supplies such as good coffee grounds, sugar (brown, white, and natural sweeteners) would be a great addition to your workspace. This will surely brighten everyone’s mood. And if you have a deeper budget, an espresso machine would be a great choice.
  • Fridge and cupboard filled and stocked up with snacks – keeping the fridge and cupboards filled with food like fruits, bread, and snacks like most people have at home would also be beneficial.
  • Common shared space – If there’s enough space, make it communal. Having designated prep areas, seating areas, and cleaning areas would not only make the office kitchen more functional but it would also be kept cleaner and tidier. That said, in today’s uncertain world, it is best to limit the number of people who can use the communal space at the same time.
  • Water cooler – Keeping a full water cooler in the kitchen where employees can fill their bottles throughout the day is incredibly important. It eliminates the employees’ need to worry about bringing their own bottled water into the office. Plus, staying hydrated will help them feel more productive and clear-headed throughout the day.
  • Dishes – having mugs, plates, and utensils for public use in your office kitchen is a great addition. However, it must be reiterated to everyone that it’s their responsibility to clean the dishes after use.

As we have mentioned, it’s not enough to just have these office kitchen gadgets and tools, rather, they should be well maintained and kept clean at all times so that they will last longer and will keep everyone safe.

Set the ground rules

designing a healthy shared space in the office

Make sure to let your employees know what’s expected of them as they use the office kitchen and all its gadgets and tools. Writing the rules down in the public view of everyone ensures nothing gets lost in the sauce. All the ground rules must be known and acknowledged by every employee to make sure the office kitchen will be kept well.

Having a shared space in the office and having a great office kitchen is a perk. Nevertheless, cleanliness should still be the top priority in the entirety of your office, even beyond your shared kitchen. Setting ground rules and making sure that everything is clean all the time will not only make the office kitchen more functional, but rather it will also help make the office kitchen gadgets and equipment last longer.

It might seem hyperbolic but this small step can be life or death. Clean = healthy and safe. Likewise, a clean office kitchen ensures that your employees will be much safer from bacteria and other viruses.

It can be overwhelming to tackle office maintenance, especially after the onslaught of COVID-19. Professional cleaning services are your best bet to ensure that you have all your bases covered. If you need professional cleaning services not just for your office kitchen but for your entire office as well in Tolland County, Connecticut, you may reach out to Burgos Commercial Cleaning.