Top Challenges for Commercial Cleaning in 2023

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We all know how the pandemic skyrocketed the interest of people when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, and offices were no exception. Throughout the pandemic, many have realized how a clean and healthy working environment has improved their employees’ productivity, made work more efficient, and decreased the number of sick leaves. That’s why the demand for commercial cleaning services for corporate businesses has steadily grown — and is still growing. This made cleaning companies face some challenges due to the sudden increase in demand since they failed to prepare for the sudden spike. Even well-established cleaning companies experienced some challenges.


However, the past years allowed them to be more insightful in the industry and started following some commercial cleaning trends. Making it possible for them to overcome the challenges faced during the early stages of the pandemic. The cleaning industry will continue to change and evolve, and face new challenges. Knowing these potential challenges in advance would allow you to put a plan together and help you thrive in whatever this year brings your way!


Potential Challenges this 2023

Supply Chain Disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions to global supply chains, including those in the cleaning industry. You might have seen news stating the shortage of cleaning supplies of various types during the early stages of the pandemic. This is a result of people hoarding cleaning supplies after knowing that cleanliness and hygiene can help prevent acquiring the virus. 


If supply chain disruptions continue into 2023, it could lead to more shortages of cleaning supplies and equipment. Making it hard for both people and cleaning companies to get some cleaning done. Furthermore, with low supply and high demand expect your cleaning supplies and equipment to skyrocket in price.


Labor Shortages

Many industries are currently facing labor shortages, and the cleaning industry is no exception. With the sudden lockdown, companies were forced to lay off almost all their employees. Luckily, the situation is starting to stabilize. However, if these labor shortages continue, it could lead to difficulty in finding and retaining skilled cleaning staff.


Prior to the pandemic, companies offering commercial cleaning services have been facing the ongoing challenge of attracting and keeping cleaning staff. This challenge became more difficult after the pandemic appeared. That’s why cleaning companies are trying their best to stand out from their competition by offering something unique and desirable. Some offer ongoing training to help their cleaning staff continuously grow in terms of skill. Others offer high compensation, a healthy work environment, and more.

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Rising Costs

The cost of raw materials and transportation has been increasing, which could lead to higher prices for cleaning supplies and services. This rising cost was caused by the sudden increase in demand for cleaning supplies and equipment. This put pressure on the supply chain and drove up costs. Another factor would be due to higher fuel costs caused by geopolitical tensions. Environmental regulations also played a role. Countries have implemented stricter environmental regulations on the transport industry which heavily relied on the cleaning industry.


Shift to Sustainable Practices

With increased awareness of the impact of climate change, there is a growing demand for sustainable cleaning practices. Green cleaning took the center stage in the industry. It indicates that cleaning companies are under increasing pressure to use green procedures and materials. Cleaning companies may need to invest in new technologies and methods to meet this demand. By embracing and promoting these items and techniques to your clients, you may get ahead of the competition. With the growing demand for green cleaning, adopting a healthier, more environmentally friendly tack might be the best way to succeed this year.

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Evolving Technology

The cleaning industry is continually evolving with new technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, being developed for cleaning purposes. Cleaning companies may need to invest in these technologies to stay competitive and meet the changing needs of customers.


Technology in cleaning does not equate to knock-offs, but rather to higher cleaning standards. For existing cleaning procedures to be more effective and shiny, sophisticated technologies have been developed. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the internet of things, robots, drone cleaning, mobile-driven cleaning equipment, and software-driven cleaning equipment are some of the new technologies that promise high-tech cleaning solutions.


Changing Regulations and Compliances

As we’ve witnessed over the past few years, cleaning has undergone significant change. Cleaning regulations are subject to continuous change, and cleaning businesses are required to follow these changes. In addition to having higher demands for cleanliness than ever before, people are also becoming more environmentally concerned and seeking out green cleaning products that are residue-free and biodegradable. Also, businesses are concentrating on social responsibility norms and seek to collaborate with service suppliers who share their values. Maintaining sustainability is crucial for cleaning businesses to remain in business.


Less Profit Margin

For a commercial cleaning company, the profit margin is a constant challenge. Profits are lower than anticipated after covering labor and supply expenditures. It is more crucial than ever to take every precaution to retain profitability because of the less than 7% profit margins, escalating market competition and predicted increases in labor costs.

There isn’t much that can be done to maintain a solid margin due to intense competition, a high attrition rate, and rising supply costs. Furthermore, there is a minimal possibility for profit margin expansion in a sector where contracts are typically awarded based on the lowest technically acceptable price.


The commercial cleaning industry has seen a dramatic change in recent years and will continue to do so as trends for 2023 are heavily influenced by technology and the environment. The cleaning industry may face various challenges in 2023, but with proactive planning and innovation, these challenges can be overcome.


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