10 Hacks To Make Office Life More Convenient

10 tips for a convenient office life

Working 12 hours a day for 5 days can already be tough and tiring. Facing the daily workload and everyday struggle of traffic jams plus the fact of being agitated as the time ticks every minute especially in the morning. Working in the office is already tiresome even just by thinking about it.

Keeping yourself in the right mindset can help you to achieve your dreams and having your workstation clean makes you comfortable. When you are in the workplace, you may not have access to all the cleaning facilities and supplies you have at home, but this does not mean that you need to feel uncomfortable or unprepared. With that being said, here are 10 hacks that would make your office day-by-day operations or workload more bearable when it comes to cleanliness, and are sure to make you move more efficiently and provide better results.

Protect your Keyboard from Liquid Spills

Have you experienced being very careful when working on the computer, drinking coffee, water, or soda, and then suddenly, in a glimpse of an eye, you accidentally spill whatever you are drinking and flood your keyboard? Others panic with the thought of damaging the whole computer as it may not work. However, a personal technology columnist from New York Times, J.D. Biersdorfer suggests that you should first shut it down and unplug it. You may also remove the battery from the device if allowed to. Wiping it directly with a cloth on a swiping motion may cause more harm to the computer as it may push the liquid further into the machine. If possible, turning the keyboard over to drain as much liquid as it has may be beneficial for fast cleaning but it is still best to have it sent to the repair shop and work with a cleaning professional right away. But the best way to avoid this danger is by simply using a plastic keyboard sleeve or using a non-spill tumbler.

Make your Workstation Clean at All Times.

The most professional and presentable way to present yourself is by keeping your workstation as clean as possible. Productive employees work effectively in a clean and healthy office environment. Keeping the four cleaning essentials: rubbing alcohol (90% isopropyl), microfiber cloths, cotton swabs, and a small computer keyboard vacuum may come in handy when it comes to fast cleaning.

The small computer keyboard vacuum is made specifically to remove crumbs, pet hair, and other debris out of the holes of the computer. You may also check if your laptop is designed to be taken apart and if possible, once turned off, unplugged, and had the battery taken out, you can use the small computer keyboard vacuum to clean the insides as any kind of buildup can cause it to overheat and slows down the processor of your computer.

Make your Atmosphere Cool.

Working in a sweltering office might add stress and discomfort as it can be difficult to focus and keep your cool. Positioning your fans and air-conditioners properly can help you feel comfortable. Factors to check about the physics of the fan are (1) to position it away if your main station is hot and you are near a cooler area as the fan sucks the hotter area into the cooler vicinity. (2) Crop the fan in the window to blow the cooler air into the room would be a more effective solution.  However, if it is hotter outside than inside, make sure the fan is blowing directly onto you. Working in a well-ventilated area result in comfortable and productive employees.

Relax your Eyes

Keep in mind that taking care of your eyes is also as important especially when you are working and having your eyes glued to the computer monitor for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Minimizing eye strains can help you keep a 50-50 clear vision.

Taking care of your eyes means resting them by looking away from the screen from time to time. It is highly advised and recommended to follow the 20-20-20 rule that in every 20 minutes, you look at an object which is 20ft away for 20 seconds as per The Canadian Association of Optometrists. Another option would be downloading add-on applications which will lessen some of the blue light from the display as a less blue and dimmer screen is easier on the eyes and can help you achieve better sleep.

Make Sure the Room is Well-lit.

Working in a dark room will cause eye strain and can make you work inefficiently. Natural light can greatly help to make yourself productive and can motivate you to work effectively, thus you can consider putting a mirror at your desk. You may also consider using an overhead light, placed at different angles, to create an illusion that the desk area is more illuminated and spacious.

Fidget Helps the Brain to Work

Have you ever experienced spacing out?  Lost with words on how to express your thoughts? Then, manipulating physical objects, like fidget cubes and squeeze balls, with the hand is known to help in activating the brain in many ways. It may help you to overcome spacing-out and may even be beneficial for you in processing your thoughts in the best way possible.

Add More Greens

adding plants to your office space

Greenifying your space can help you become more productive and creative. Adding indoor plants can be a help in relaxing your eyes. Looking at these green pieces helps your stressful day at work be tolerable as these can improve one’s mood. Worry that the office doesn’t have sufficient sunlight for the plants? There are low-maintenance plants that can be purchased.

Be your Colleagues’ Buddy

We all know that at work, we have to look out for our own best interests, complete our tasks and keep things working appropriately. It is a tough competition in getting that promotion everyone is dreaming of, however, being sensitive to your co-worker makes everything work out well. Being a friend to your colleague doesn’t mean you have to comfort them; it simply means having empathy in a professional manner.

Awaken Yourself and Keep Being Motivated

At some point, we all felt being unmotivated and dragged ourselves to work. There are some days we just want to lay down on the bed, watch movies and relax however there are bills to pay and life keeps going on. Awakening yourself by splashing your face with cold water may give you a jolt of energy. Drinking your coffee when your cortisol levels are at their lowest can help maximize your alertness.

Be Resourceful in Using Office Grooming Hacks

After a tiresome day at the office, whether you are just sitting at the desk and doing paperwork, you can become sweaty and may need to freshen up. You can be resourceful and improvise with the supplies available by using coffee filters as your oil blot or using a banana peel to shine your shoes.

Living the office life is already tiresome and hard, however, to have more productive and efficient employees, always keep in mind that cleanliness is vital especially in their work area. Maintaining a clean office in Fairfield County, Connecticut is important for its employees. However, it is still in the employees’ hands on how they can make their office life more convenient