15 Questions to Ask When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Let’s face it, a clean and tidy workplace that looks good is great but if a space that’s all about feeling good, staying healthy, and making sure everyone who walks through the door knows you mean business, in the best way possible. The right cleaning crew can make a huge difference. They’re like the backstage heroes of your day-to-day operations, working their magic to make sure everything’s spotless and everyone’s happy. But picking the right one? That’s where it gets tricky. Not to worry, though. We’ve put together a list of 15 must-ask questions to help you nail down the perfect commercial cleaning service for your place. Stick with these, and you’ll be set to keep your workspace shining—literally and figuratively.

15 Questions to Ask When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Questions You Should Ask When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

What Services Do You Offer?

When it comes to commercial cleaning, one size does not fit all. A high-quality service provider should offer a wide range of cleaning options, from dusting and vacuuming to specialized treatments like window cleaning and floor maintenance. It’s crucial to look for a company that can provide a comprehensive package, covering all the bases of your cleaning needs. Moreover, flexibility is key. Ask about customizable options; your business is unique, and your cleaning services should reflect that. Whether it’s accommodating an unusual schedule or focusing on specific areas, a service tailored to your exact requirements will make all the difference.

How Do You Charge for Your Services?

Understanding a cleaning service’s pricing model is vital for budgeting and financial planning. Most companies will charge based on square footage, hourly rates, or flat fees, but the devil is in the details. A flat fee might seem straightforward, but ensure you know what it includes and what might incur additional charges. Hourly rates offer flexibility but can vary widely based on the tasks required and the space’s complexity. Ask for a clear, itemized breakdown of costs to avoid surprises and ensure the service fits within your budget constraints. This transparency is essential for a trusting, long-term relationship with your cleaning service provider.

Do You Provide Cleaning Supplies and Equipment?

A service that comes fully equipped with its cleaning supplies and equipment can save you both time and money. However, there are scenarios where you might prefer using specific products, such as eco-friendly cleaners or hypoallergenic substances, to accommodate allergies or environmental policies. In such cases, clarify whether the cleaning service can use your provided products and how that might affect pricing. Also, inquire about the quality and efficacy of the equipment and supplies they typically use. High-quality tools and materials can make a significant difference in the cleanliness and longevity of your facility.

How Do You Ensure the Quality of Your Service?

Quality assurance is critical in the cleaning industry, and a reputable service should have clear protocols in place to maintain high standards. Ask potential providers about their quality control processes. Effective services often conduct regular inspections, use customer feedback to improve, and have a responsive management team to address any concerns promptly. This not only demonstrates their commitment to excellence but also ensures that any issues are quickly rectified, keeping your space consistently clean and welcoming.

Are Your Employees Insured and Background Checked?

Safety and security are paramount when inviting external staff into your workspace. It’s essential to confirm that the cleaning service fully insures their employees and conducts thorough background checks. This due diligence protects your business from potential liabilities and ensures a level of professionalism and trustworthiness in the staff who access your premises. A transparent conversation about the company’s hiring practices can offer peace of mind and establish a foundation of trust between your business and the cleaning service.

What Is Your Schedule Availability?

Adaptability is key in a commercial cleaning service, as your business needs can vary and change. Whether it’s accommodating cleaning during off-hours to avoid disruption or scaling services up or down based on seasonal requirements, the provider’s ability to meet your scheduling needs is crucial. Discuss their flexibility, ability to handle emergency requests, and any additional charges for services outside regular hours. A provider that offers scalable and flexible scheduling options can be a valuable partner in maintaining your business environment without compromising your operational efficiency.

Can You Provide References or Testimonials?

Hearing directly from other businesses about their experiences can provide invaluable insights into a cleaning service’s reliability and quality. Ask for references or testimonials from current or former clients, particularly those in similar industries or with similar space sizes. This firsthand feedback can help you gauge the provider’s strengths and potential areas for improvement. It also speaks volumes about their confidence in their service quality if they’re willing to openly share such information. When following up with references, consider asking about the provider’s responsiveness, consistency, and any areas where they excel or could improve.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

What Is Your Policy on Green Cleaning?

Environmental responsibility is an increasingly important consideration for businesses. Inquire about the cleaning service’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, including the use of sustainable cleaning products, equipment, and methods that minimize environmental impact. Ask for specifics, such as certifications or green cleaning standards they adhere to. This not only ensures that your business is contributing to environmental sustainability but can also be beneficial for the health and well-being of your employees and clients, especially those sensitive to traditional cleaning chemicals.

How Do You Handle Special Requests or Additional Services?

Every business has unique needs, and occasionally, you may require cleaning services beyond the standard package—whether it’s post-construction cleanup, preparing for a special event, or addressing an unexpected spill. Discuss how the service accommodates special requests or additional services, including the process for scheduling these and how they’re priced. Understanding their flexibility and capacity to meet these needs ensures you’re partnered with a service that can truly support your business’s dynamic requirements.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Knowing the cleaning service’s cancellation policy upfront can save potential headaches and unexpected costs down the line. Ask about the terms for canceling or altering services, including any required notice periods and associated fees. A transparent and fair cancellation policy reflects a service provider’s professionalism and respect for your business relationship. This conversation can also open up discussions about contract terms, giving you a clearer understanding of the commitment you’re entering into.

How Do You Train Your Staff?

A cleaning service’s effectiveness largely depends on its staff’s training and competence. Inquire about the training process for new hires, ongoing education opportunities, and any certifications that employees are encouraged or required to obtain. A company that invests in its staff’s training demonstrates a commitment to quality service and is likely to be up-to-date on the latest cleaning techniques and safety protocols. This not only ensures high-quality cleaning but also contributes to the overall security and efficiency of your operations.

Do You Have Experience with Businesses Like Mine?

A cleaning service’s familiarity with your industry can be a significant advantage. Whether it’s understanding the specific needs of a medical facility, a restaurant, a retail space, or an office environment, experience in your sector means they’re more likely to anticipate your needs and challenges. Ask about their experience with similar businesses, and if possible, request case studies or examples. This can give you confidence in their ability to handle your specific requirements and ensure they’re a good fit for your operations.

How Do You Handle the Security of Our Premises During and After Cleaning?

Security is a critical concern, especially for businesses that handle sensitive information or valuable equipment. Discuss how the cleaning service ensures the security of your premises during and after their work. This includes procedures for keyholding, alarm systems, and how they monitor and manage access to different areas. A reputable service should have clear protocols in place to protect your property and data, reflecting their professionalism and the trust you place in them.

What Is Your Policy on Handling and Reporting Damage or Issues Found While Cleaning?

Accidents happen, but it’s how they’re dealt with that really matters. Ask potential cleaning services about their procedures for handling and reporting any damages or issues that occur during cleaning. A trustworthy service will have a clear, straightforward policy that includes timely notification to you, along with a plan for how they address and resolve such incidents. This transparency is crucial for maintaining trust and ensuring that any problems are swiftly and satisfactorily managed, keeping your business operations smooth and uninterrupted.

Can You Customize Cleaning Plans to Meet Our Specific Needs and Budget?

No two businesses are exactly alike, which is why customizable cleaning plans can be a game-changer. Dive into how the cleaning service works with clients to tailor services that fit both their specific cleaning needs and budget constraints. This conversation should cover how they assess your space and requirements, any options for adjusting the frequency or scope of services, and how changes to your needs or budget are managed. A flexible, client-focused approach is indicative of a service that values its business relationships and is committed to providing the best possible service.

Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services, What to Ask



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