Are contractor demolition bags worth buying when cleaning up after a construction job?

The scales vary on this hot topic question. Are contractor demolition bags worth buying when cleaning up after a construction job? The reason being would it be easier and beneficial to use an open dumpster to clean up without the bags or do the bags help.

The Pros of Using Contractor Demolition Bags

1. Keeps all the scraps and mess together in one specific area
2. Depending on the demolition and if there is paint residue, these bags will help keep the paint contained
3. Some demolition bags are reusable (saving money would be a big factor here)
4. Some can carry up to 900 pounds
5. There are demolition bags available that are completely Eco-friendly (made with reused fibers)
6. Can be used to bag cement

The Cons of Using Contractor Demolition Bags

1. Some can be expensive, depends on the brand
2. Only reusable for up to five times
3. While one bag can hold 100+ pounds, each bag would have to be less in weight to be carried

While the Pros do outweigh the Cons, we wanted to show you the rounded-out view of what Demolition Bags can contribute to your contracting job. Thus, allow us to explore more areas as to why Demolition Bags would be a good idea for cleaning up.

A Great Idea

Yes, ideally Demolition Bags are an excellent creation. With fiber woven plastic crafted to carry a multitude of weight, plus being able to contain any debris is significant. What makes these bags stand out is their ability to withstand various sizes of debris that can stretch out the bag. There will be no ripping, because of the material. Some bags alone are manufactured five times stronger than ordinary demo bags. Along with the added capability to bag up cement pieces to a drop-off site.

The Clean Up

Cleaning up after a construction job takes considerable effort. This means having the right cleaning equipment. For instance, with and sanding and plaster that was used for the construction job, everything will need to be scrub and wiped thoroughly. Especially any corners or nooks and crannies. And it’s possible that multiple cleaning supplies will be gone through (needing adequate bags to contain any highly effective cleaning chemical to throw away) along with debris, a demo bag is the best choice. Regular trash bags would not be a solid choice, at all. Using regular trash bags would not even be professional for a janitorial commercial service to use. This falls in line with anything potential hazardous or contains sharp edges.

For Water Damage

When water damage is involved, mold sets in fairly quickly. No one wants to be exposed to mold, but as a cleaning service, it’s our duty to ensure the safety of our customers. By offering a cleaning service to any water damage or restoration projects is a top priority. Demo bags would be perfect for a water damage issue. As water soaks into any substance, it immediately will become heavier. Having a strong fiber woven material to carry out the damage, would save time and money. Thus, we would be able to properly dispose of the water damaged material and reuse the bag to remove more of the damage. Water damage can occur in the unlikeliest of places. For instance, some restoring construction projects have fun into a faulty pipe or water leak. That’s when we are called to help clean up.

After Construction Is Complete

The cleanup is a whole other matter. From landscaping, interior and any exterior cleaning needed. Demolition bags offer a great advantage to saving time and offering a quick removal period. Only professionals should be cleaning up afterward because it comes down to detail. How the interior should look to how the landscaping should not have any excess debris lying around anywhere. This is essential for commercial leased buildings, new apartment buildings, and any building that is getting ready to be sold. We understand that with the selling process, people are attracted to the look and cleanliness of a place. Customers should be 100% impressed with the clean up afterward, and we guarantee demo bags are one of the leading causes behind 100%.

Demolition Bags Offer a Safer Disposal Option

We’ve all seen when a company has hired a big dumpster to start throwing some stuff in. That’s understandable for construction pieces that won’t fit into a bag. Yet, the smaller stuff or leftover debris should be bagged properly. Whether there is excess screws or metal bits lying around, it’s best to use a demo bag to correctly dispose of hazardous or harmful materials.