Call Center Cleaning: What You Need to Know

busy call center agents

Call centers are known to have a very busy working environment where employees are usually fixated on their computer screens or phones for almost 100% of their shifts. Employees in call centers may have some free time in between calls to toss things in the trash or rearrange things, but they never really have a chance to completely clean up their workspace or public areas. That’s why they are notorious when it comes to contamination. Call centers are a breeding ground for germs and diseases because of the heavy foot traffic, the fast-paced workplace, and the excessive number of fingers on the keyboards.

From a business standpoint, this makes some sense because many call center personnel work in departments like an emergency response or crisis services, and sales and customer service staff must interact with a large number of customers. However, keeping things clean and tidy shouldn’t be pushed aside. We all know how cleanliness affects employee productivity. That’s why it’s essential to maintain it.

What is a Call Center?

A call center, also known as a contact center, is a division, office, or group that responds to incoming phone calls from prospective and current clients who are seeking information or assistance with their problems. In the past, call centers have also engaged in market research and telemarketing. To increase productivity, many firms have divided these tasks into various divisions throughout time. At present, call centers deal exclusively with customers through a variety of analog and digital channels such as phones, email, WeChat, social media, SMS, or mail. 

Importance of Cleaning Services in Call Centers

Most cleaning that your call center office needs will never be done by your employees most of the time since they are glued to their computer screens or phones. No matter how busy they are, cleaning in call centers cannot be neglected because more bacteria will lead to more worker illnesses and absences, not to mention decreased morale and productivity while still at work. When inviting new employees or visitors to see the facility, dirty screens, and gunky phone buttons can give off a bad first impression.

Therefore, outsourcing your call center cleaning tasks to a cleaning service provider specializing in call center cleaning is better than your in-house cleaning crew. Hiring professional cleaning companies would take the entire cleaning issue from your hands from scheduling your cleaning time to what products and strategies to use during the cleaning process. Furthermore, they perform their tasks without interrupting your employees since they usually clean during low-traffic hours or when you’re closed. 

Call center cleaning services will be pleased to arrange their schedules around these times, doing duties swiftly and thoroughly while the going is smooth and removing themselves when it’s busy, so disruptions or background noise from vacuums won’t be a problem.

Call Center Cleaning

Numerous call centers are enormous, with floors upon floors of workers and workstations. Even if some are relatively smaller, the number of employees is probably dense in there. That’s why it’s considered a notorious place for contamination. Cleaning for call centers is similar to any other office. The only difference is that there are certain areas that need a more focused cleaning to stop the spread of any virus or bacteria or to simply make things run smoothly in the office.

desktops and telephones

Computers and Phones

With the amount of time fingers have to be on keyboards typing away and hands-on phones, can you imagine the amount of dirt and germs on those surfaces? You’re probably thinking “Yuck!”, right? Well, they are. Hence, they’re surfaces that need a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Just imagining how you’d clean every space between every button, the dusty wires, and the screen makes you think of how timely these tasks are. However, these tiny and time-consuming tasks are the most needed ones. Dust the surfaces of each then carefully wipe them with disinfectant wipes. 

Cable Management

Just about every business depends on cables and wires for essentials like data and electricity and call centers are no exception. With the usual use of computers or phones to interact with customers via email or phone call, you would definitely see a plethora of cables and wires under each workstation. Cables and wires if not organized can cause various accidents from tripping to accidentally plugging them out. That’s why cable management is the perfect solution for keeping those cords safe, functional, and organized. Not only does it maintain a visually appealing and clean work environment, but it also allows cables or wires to perform their basic functionality and protects devices from clogged airflow caused by messy and disorganized cables. Untangling tangled wires or cables can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Floor Cleaning

Call centers big or small often have a dense number of employees in each department which means that foot traffic is always high. The amount of dirt being transported to and fro your office is unimaginable. Sometimes even cleaning it would be challenging since the foot traffic is non-stop. So, the best option would be to divide the whole floor into smaller sections and then carefully sweep and mop each section to avoid major disturbances to the employees. Make sure to take out that sign after mopping to avoid any slips from happening. 

employees drinking coffee while on a break

Break Room Cleaning

Of course, after hours of sitting in front of the computer screen typing and talking to different customers. Employees are bound to take a break and relax inside the office break room to refresh their minds and rest their voices. Imagine having a really dirty breakroom after hours of work. Worsened your mood, right? Your employees will likely feel that too and having a bad mood during a shift will definitely affect their performance. A simple wipe on the tables, chairs, or countertop partnered with a little sweep and mop would surely let your employees have the break they’ve been craving after hours of work and before they continue the next hours.

Indoor air quality and a clean workspace will make your employees’ jobs more enjoyable. Partnering with a healthy environment would reduce your employees’ away time at work. Burgos Cleaning will provide an environment that supports your goal of customer and employee first. If you are looking for a professional cleaning service provider based in Hartford, Litchfield, or Middlesex County, Connecticut, then feel free to contact us for any concerns regarding your office cleanliness!