Carpeted Flooring Vs. Hardwood Flooring

choosing best flooring for your office

Being able to work in a posh and luxurious office is everyone’s dream.  All business owners want to provide their staff and employees with an office environment that feels inspiring and comfortable. Addressing the aesthetics of your company office can have an impact on how welcoming your area is especially to your customers. Below are some of the reasons why a well-planned and decorated office area will be beneficial not just for the company’s reputation but also for your beloved employees. 

Benefits of Having a Well-Decorated Office

  1. Beautifully designed office spaces feel more welcoming. 
  2. Improve your employee’s mental health and well-being. 
  3. Increases motivation and boosts productivity.

While investing in an office area does not only make your workspace beautiful and also benefits your people, business owners often forget to focus on their office flooring. Deciding on which material you should use for your flooring is essential in effectively building an aesthetically pleasing work area. 

Your office flooring is a subfloor found on top of the original ground floor which most business owners use to work as a protective layer. There are thousands of different types of office floorings to choose from that show remarkable specifications however each kind of flooring shows different pros and cons. Here are some of the important pointers to check on choosing your office flooring. 

Why Invest in Office Flooring?

Aesthetic Beauty

Flooring gives the office a colorful and visually pleasing effect. It also gives a charismatic and specific type of aesthetic beauty to your company’s office. Your office flooring is important because it gives and adds a new look to your work areas playing a big role in increasing the attraction of your business to possible employees, customers, and investors.

Durability & Sustainability 

When choosing between durability and aesthetics, the misconception is that you cannot have both. However, a lot of office flooring nowadays can last up to many years and comes in various colors and styles. They have the capacity to bear any condition of weather whether it is winter or summer and is capable to uphold loads and other external conditions.


The main goal of your office flooring is to protect the original tiles or marbles which is placed under. It does not allow any material to pass through preventing possible damage to the original floor.  Some types of flooring are highly preferable to be placed on first floors so it works like heat insulators to the ground floor and no induction of heat can pass through the office flooring.


The aesthetic beauty of your flooring can help employees feel better in your office spaces and inspire them to become more productive employees. It can also be helpful in convincing possible customers and investors in business matters, becoming fruitful and beneficial for your business.

Hardwood vs. Carpeted

choosing between hardwood and carpeted flooring

Understanding the importance of office flooring, it is time to narrow down your options. Most companies use either hardwood floors or carpeted flooring as their preferred office flooring with both offering great benefits and having their own downsides. 

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a classic option that is timeless in terms of design and material. They are offered in both traditional wood and new laminate options, which gives a luxurious, clean and comfortable look to any room. One of the primary benefits of wood flooring is its versatility to adapt to almost every interior design theme in your office. Unlike carpets, hardwood floors do not trap dust, animal dander, pollen, particulate matter, or other common allergens. This means that it is significantly easier to improve your indoor air quality.  Wood floors are definitely the best option for those who suffer from allergies. 

However, this material also has its own drawbacks. Most often than not, you will be needing a protector pad to protect your floor from scratches made from office chairs. This kind of flooring needs polishers and cleaners which may give off faint odors temporarily. It will also require regular polishing with a good quality polish every 2 – 3 years. Hardwood floors also transfer sounds through floors thus it is something to keep in mind if your office is on the second floor. 

Carpeted Flooring 

Business owners who are keen on durability and a more varied choice of color would prefer carpeted flooring. This type of flooring comes mostly in modern design which can last for decades looking brand new. Choosing carpeted flooring gives you a more expensive feel and the benefit of designing your office color and theme. Also, compared to hardwood floorings, a carpet with a thick pad underneath is usually sufficient to reduce sound thus more beneficial if your office is located on the upper ground. There are also cheaper options for carpeted flooring which are non-durable but will still wear quicker than hardwood floors. Carpets are also soft and easy to clean as you will only need a vacuum to keep them looking new thus avoiding harmful and harsh chemicals. However, when it comes to spills and moisture carpeted flooring isn’t the ideal choice. Liquids that end up on a carpet can seep down and get trapped in the fibers where they promote the growth of mold and mildew. Carpets are also more prone to dust and allergens, that hardwood flooring prevents, which can trigger allergies to your employees. 

Addressing the aesthetics of your facilities can have a real impact on your employees, staff, customers, and clients. It can also affect how welcoming your spaces are. The choice between carpet and hardwoods is a personal one, what works for one buyer isn’t always best for another. If you need any help in choosing and installing your preferred office flooring at Middlesex County, Connecticut, or at New London County, Connecticut please don’t hesitate to message us