Day Porters: The Rising Demand

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During the 20th century, large offices started emerging across cities in the United States. As the number of large offices gradually increased, so did the demand for dedicated cleaning staff. During this time, the janitorial staff was the main worker responsible for maintaining an office’s cleanliness and appearance. With the rising demand for specialized office cleaning services, day porter services were created. Though the demand for day porters decreased in the past, at present they are starting to make some noise in the industry again.


What is a Day Porter?

The term “day porter” likely originated in the hotel industry, where it referred to a worker responsible for providing guests with various services during the day. Over time, the role expanded to include cleaning and maintenance tasks, particularly in large office buildings and other commercial facilities.


As the name suggests, day porter services are performed during the day or during business hours. They are given daily cleaning and maintenance responsibilities for a commercial building. Their responsibilities revolve around repairing lights, cleaning and disinfecting common-use areas and high touch points, such as restrooms, restocking restroom supplies, and responding to service requests. In addition to cleaning, they frequently assist in determining the need for property and equipment repairs.


Day porters were not a common sight in the workplace before the pandemic. At that time, general janitorial cleaning services and maintenance were the key priorities. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, day porters have reemerged as the new face of janitorial services. They focus on high-touch areas and use specific cleaning methods to give organizations an extra layer of security. They can also offer quick response times for any additional janitorial jobs that come up throughout the day.


Day Porters VS Janitorial Staff

The words day porters and janitorial staff are often used interchangeably in the cleaning industry. However, they still have factors that differentiate them from one another. As mentioned earlier, day porter services focus on maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the commercial building during the day or during business hours. This means that they work with light to medium foot traffic and must work faster and more efficiently compared to janitorial staff. 


In contrast, janitorial cleaning services usually work all night while the building is closed. They spend their time performing deep cleaning activities that would be challenging to complete with customers and employees present all over the building. They are mostly responsible for emptying trash bins, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning restrooms, and mopping. 

While there may be some overlap between the duties of day porters and janitorial staff, the key difference is that day porters are typically responsible for maintaining the appearance and functionality of the building during the day, while the janitorial staff is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the building after hours. Furthermore, both services have different cleaning standards they need to meet during their cleaning schedules.

If you’re having a hard time choosing which services to employ to keep your office clean and hygienic, then why not hire both? Since day porters and janitorial staff work on different schedules and standards, you can expect that your office would always be spotless during the day and after business hours — allowing you to have minimal cleaning procedures during opening hours. You might not know this but most businesses that get heavy-foot traffic daily hire both services. It ensures the reception and common areas are always clean during the day, and a janitor will deep clean the entire property after closing for the day.

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Benefits of Hiring Day Porters

Improved appearance

Day porters can help maintain the appearance of a building throughout the day by addressing spills and messes, restocking supplies, and ensuring that common areas are clean and tidy. This can create a more welcoming and professional environment for visitors and employees.


The impact a spotless office building has on visitors, potential clients, or business partners cannot be underestimated. In the corporate world, first impressions are crucial, so making sure everyone entering your office is stepping into a spotless, stunning facility will make a major difference in the long run.


Preventive Maintenance

By having a day porter on hand during business hours, issues can be addressed promptly and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of larger problems that may require more extensive cleaning or repairs. Since day porters are always touching many different parts of your office from cleaning equipment to mopping floors, it allows them to see things that employees can’t. With people overseeing your office in this manner, reporting any equipment issues to you or your management will help you in solving the problem immediately.


Enhanced safety

Day porters can help address safety hazards such as wet floors, spills, or debris, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. This can help to create a safer environment for employees and visitors. Furthermore, their presence can contribute to a facility’s increased security since they are likely to be in your office before business hours and after business hours. Although porters are not security experts, they can inform authorities of any issues they may see after business hours. Additionally, even the mere sight of a day porter at a business establishment is likely to scare off any potential thieves or loiterers.

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Cost savings

By addressing issues promptly, day porters can help to reduce the need for more extensive cleaning or repairs down the line. This can ultimately save money for the building owner or manager.



In fact, day porters are somewhat considered a jack of all trades inside an office. Although they are mostly associated with cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining the office’s cleanliness, they are also responsible for various things inside the office such as equipment cleaning and restocking. Day porters can be assigned a variety of tasks, depending on the needs of the building. This flexibility allows for a customized cleaning plan that meets the specific needs of the facility.


Today, day porters are a common sight in many commercial buildings, including office buildings, retail centers, and medical facilities. And their demand will continue to see increase in the near future. They play an important role in maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and appearance of these buildings, and are often considered a valuable asset to building owners and managers.


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