DIY VS In-House Cleaning VS Outsourcing to a Cleaning Company

Professional Office Cleaner

A clean office will surely leave a good lasting impression on your employees as well as your clients. It boosts the mood of your employees and presents a welcoming aura to your customers, thus imposes the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy office environment. 

Cleaning may seem simple and there are a lot of ways of getting it done. But, not everyone likes to clean. Cleaning may seem easy, from an onlooker’s perspective, but if it is not done properly, your business could suffer. 

A variety of ways can be done in cleaning. You, as a business owner, can choose the do-it-yourself (DIY) method, employing in-house cleaners, or hiring professional cleaners. The option you choose depends on the needs of your office. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that you should assess before making the decision. 

Here, we have some of the advantages and disadvantages of DIY cleaning, employing in-house cleaners, and hiring professional cleaners. 

DIY Office Cleaning

DIY takes skill and equipment. If you have the time to learn, invest on equipment, and execute the cleaning go for the DIY cleaning option. 

This method is something you can consider if you have a small office and are running on a tight budget.  


  • You can save money.
    • You can allot a budget with the cleaning materials that you use. 
  • You can be more aware of the things in your office. 
    • With the DIY method, you can take a closer look at what your office needs – repairs, refurnish, repaints, and restoration cleaning. 
  • You can take better care of your personal belongings. 
    • As you own the things in the office, you know how to better take care of them and maintaining them. 
  • You don’t have to spend resources on hiring and training cleaners.
    • With the DIY cleaning, you do all the cleaning yourself. 


  • The DIY method is not suitable for big offices.
    • Doing the DIY method is not practical as you have work aside from cleaning. It will take much of your time, thus making it almost impossible to follow a regular cleaning schedule. 
  • You incur the additional cost of buying high-end office cleaning equipment.
    • One of the requirements of doing DIY is equipment. 
    • It is also possible that you got a tutorial from websites or YouTube on how to clean your space which makes it also possible that you don’t have ideas of which equipment to buy. With this, you tend to buy the “top” product which costs more.  

Hiring In-House Cleaners

Hiring in-house cleaners involve interviews and training. The people you chose will be considered employees of your company and will have to abide by the agreement you made during the hiring process. They will have their contracts and will be part of your organization.

Having in-house cleaners is rarely done, but it is something you may want to consider. 


  • Cheaper than professional cleaners
    • Having an in-house cleaning team is much cheaper than having professional cleaners.
  • You control your team of cleaners
    • With the direct supervision of your maintenance supervisor, you have control of who cleans the different areas of your workplace
  • Trust building
    • Your in-house cleaners are also your employees. This means you don’t need to constantly change the people who will be cleaning your workplace. This move builds trust with your office employees as they will feel more at ease with the people they see often compared to those who they may consider as strangers. 
  • High- quality cleaning  
    • Cleaning companies may do turnovers, and this changes the quality of cleaning. With hiring in-house cleaners, these turnovers will not happen. 


  • Additional management
    • Hiring in-house cleaners will involve training. This means additional management duties. 
  • Additional cost
    • You are responsible for buying your cleaning materials and equipment.
  • Additional employment tax
    • In-house cleaners are considered your employees. This means an increase in employment taxes from the state
  • Increase in insurance cost
    • There will be an increase in insurance costs and general liability and possible compensations. 

Employing Professional Cleaners 

This option is advisable for big offices. The cleaning company you will hire has its own professionally trained staff under a payroll.  


  • All things considered, you save money and other management hustles with employing professional cleaners. 
    • Hiring a professional cleaning company means you don’t need to buy your cleaning materials and high-end office cleaning equipment while getting the cleaning you want. 
    • You don’t have to be anxious on who’s maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace. The cleaning company will make sure they are clean before, during, and after work hours. 
    • Cleaning is already planned and scheduled. 
  • You can have cleaning services tailored to the needs of your company.
    • Before the cleaning company does their cleaning job, they will assess your company’s needs. Do you need carpet cleaning? Window cleaning? Restoration cleaning? The cleaning company will make sure to plan their cleaning according to your company’s needs. 
  • Higher quality cleaning of your office space.
    • As a cleaning company uses the latest technology in cleaning, you will also get to enjoy high-quality cleaning in your workplace. 
    • These cleaning companies keep up with industry standards. Thus they continue training and seeking for better ways to do their cleaning. 


Hiring a professional cleaning company may have a lot of advantages, but you may also want to weigh in the disadvantages. 

  • Inconvenience and mistrust issues
    • Having cleaners in your company will mean having strangers enter the workplace. This may cause mistrust in the company. 
    • You will have little control over the people who will be sent to clean your workplace, which can result in your clients and employees feeling inconvenienced and unsafe. 
  • Lack of control over cleaning assignments
    • There will be companies that have their people in rotation. This means the supervisors may assign different people all the time to clean your office. 
  • Noise
    • Some cleaning methods may turn out to be unfriendly and disruptive. 
    • Some cleaning methods use equipment that may cause noise and maybe disturbing your employees’ work. 


Maintaining cleanliness is important in the workplace. With a lot of options available, there are a lot of things to consider in choosing one. You need to consider your budget, office size, convenience, and the cleaning methods suitable for your office space. 

May it be DIY cleaning, hiring in-house cleaners, or employing a professional cleaning company, it is critical to think about the needs of the company. 

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