Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Drain Cleaning

Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Drain Cleaning

Restaurants are one of the many establishments that must prioritize cleaning because cross-contamination can easily occur among food. Food is considered sacred as it enters your customers’ mouths and down to their stomachs. And if the food is not prepared right, it might lead to food poisoning. You must have your cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t skip an area that needs to be cleaned to maintain proper hygiene. This checklist would contain a lot of areas to be cleaned, but in this article, we would be focusing more on your plumbing system.

Most often than not people always think that plumbing inside restaurants revolve around kitchen drains, which is not the case. When we talk about plumbing you should also consider grease traps, restrooms, bar sinks, and maintenance sinks. Furthermore, nearly all thinks that a restaurants’ plumbing system only deals with waste rinsed down the drain which is untrue. Although drain issues are mostly minor annoyances, once it is not fixed it would occur more frequently and eventually lead to a bigger problem such as flooded kitchens, slipping risks, and a bad stench that will drive your customers away.

Most Common Plumbing Issues

Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains

Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) is often the main cause for clogged drains in a commercial kitchen. As these liquids cool down, they slowly solidify inside your drains, causing them to clog. Moreover, these liquids come in high volumes that’s why these types of clogs are more common compared to other food waste rinsed down the drain.

Most restaurant owners would likely use chemical cleaners for a temporary fix or try using a plunger to remove what’s clogging the drain. However, using these methods will only give you a week or two clog-free drain and the chemical cleaner might damage your pipes if you continue using them. Try switching to eco-friendly products or use running hot water since its effective in dissolving grease. You can also try the famous baking soda and vinegar combination to remove the clog.

Leaky Faucets and Pipes

We have to admit, leaking faucets are more annoying and costly compared to real plumbing emergencies. Imagine paying for over 3,000 gallons of water yearly that you aren’t using if you have a one drip leaking faucet inside the establishment. The common cause of this annoying problem is damage such as tearing, dislodging, or stiffening resulting to seals not tightening tightly.

Leaks often occur at the joint where deterioration, shifting, high water pressure, or other damages happen. The most suggested fix for this is by replacing the washer responsible for the leak problem. So, calling a plumber or a professional to do the job is a must since they have special tools that will make it easier to replace the pipes.

Water Heater Issues

Most restaurant use warm water in washing their dishes to help in removing the fat, oil, or grease on plates and pots. This is a common overlooked problem cause owners can just wash the dishes with running water and dish soap, but it is essential to use warm water when washing them. Warm water helps in killing the unseen germs, or bacteria on the plates or utensils used by previous customers. Often water heating problems occur because of not having enough water which can be a result from leaks, reducing the amount of water. Additionally, accumulated sediment can also cause water supply to reduce.

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is important because it may speed up or slow down work inside the kitchen or in the bathroom. Few possible causes for this problem are water main break, a leaking pipe, and build-up sediments in the pipes or faucet. If it’s a water main break all the neighboring establishment will experience a low water pressure. If it’s a leaking pipe try shutting off all your faucets, look at your water meter, wait for a few hours, and compare. If the water level went down, then you definitely have a leak.

Grease Trap Overflow

Grease Trap Overflow

Grease traps are often used by restaurants, so fat, oil, and grease does not go down the drain and clog the main sewer line. Nonetheless, grease traps must be regularly cleaned and drained. Otherwise, it won’t only flood your floors with old fat, oil, and grease but also defeat the purpose of putting a grease trap in the first place since it would allow the caught grease to enter the main sewer line.

Most professionals suggest you empty a grease trap once it becomes quarter full. This ensures that there is no risk of clogs or grease floods so that your restaurant can continue to function at full capacity. Just remember to keep on top of the maintenance schedule and no major mishaps will happen!

Benefits of Cleaning Your Drain on a Schedule

To steer clear of these problems and more plumbing problems, it is critical to seek help from commercial cleaners. Regular commercial drain cleaning also has many benefits that you aren’t aware of, so we’ve listed a few of them below:

Detects Plumbing Issues Before They Get Severe

Detects Issues Before They Get Severe

Regular commercial drain cleaning will help you find out if there are any breaks or cracks in your plumbing system. Saving you money from major repairs if those pipes are left unmaintained for a year or two. We all know how expensive major blockages can get, so save yourself from spending too much.

Removes All Debris that may clog your drains in the future

These debris may not cause you much problem now but once they’ve accumulated to a certain volume, you’d definitely experience some unpleasant events such as flooded floors, slipping, and more. Clearing your pipes from debris restores the water flow back to its original flow.

Prevents drain and plumbing failure

As mentioned earlier, restaurant drains receive a high volume of fat, oil, and grease daily and these can easily cause clogging problems within your drainage system. Not only that, but it also improves your health concerns more.

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