Floor Cleaning Products You Need

Your floors are probably the most touched surface inside your office. That’s why a plethora of germs might be found on them since various matters, both inside and outside the building, come into contact with it the whole day. To mitigate this matter, businesses try to clean it as much as possible. 

However, even with constant cleaning, some floors still seem dirty and full of germs due to using the wrong floor cleaning products and tools. Choosing the perfect products and tools according to your floor type and needs is crucial for your floor cleaning routine to be effective. Not only does it allow you to combat germs and bacteria more effectively, but it also contributes to a healthier office environment.

General Tools and Products You’ll Need

  • Broom

Start your floor cleaning by sweeping; that can’t be done without a broom. A broom allows you to remove debris on your floors before you get any mopping done. Any broom will do as long as it removes dust and debris effectively.

  • Mop

Regarding mops, various types work best for specific floor types. Selecting the right mop for different types of floors is essential to ensure effective cleaning while preventing damage to the floor’s surface.

  • Buckets

At least have two 5L buckets available. Fill up one with warm water while filling the other with a cleaning solution for your floor. This is a practical strategy for efficient and effective floor cleaning instead of going back and forth to the sink to wash your mop or using the dirty water to rinse it.

  • Cleaning Solution

Like mops, different floor types have appropriate cleaning solutions that work best for them. Make use of the internet and do some research on which type of cleaning solution will bring you sparkly and germ-free floors.

  • Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are excellent for spot cleaning, wiping down surfaces, and absorbing spills. Just make sure to color-code them since these cleaning products are widely used. This is to avoid cross-contamination from happening.  

  • Scrub Brush

This will prove helpful when dealing with stubborn dirt or build-up grime on the floor. Make sure the bristles are sturdy, but not too hard, for it might damage your floors.

  • Protective Gear

Personal safety shouldn’t be disregarded. Wear gloves and safety goggles to protect your hands and eyes, depending on the cleaning products used.

  • Safety Signage

As floor cleaning involves mopping, having safety signage is handy. It reduces the risk of someone slipping on the floor or dirtying it right after mopping (since dirt would stick immediately if it’s wet).

Floor Cleaning Products for Different Floor Types

Tiled Floors

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the cleaning products you choose and to test any new product in an inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn’t damage or discolor your tiles. Additionally, regular maintenance and prompt cleaning of spills can help keep your tiled floors looking their best.

  • Tile Grout and Cleaner
  • Neutral pH Floor Cleaner
  • Tile Polish
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Microfiber Mop Pads

Wood Floors

Remember to follow proper cleaning techniques, such as damp (not wet) mopping, and avoid leaving excess moisture on the floor. Regular maintenance with the right products will help keep your wood floors looking beautiful for years to come!

  • Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  • Microfiber Mops
  • Broom with soft bristles
  • Hardwood Floor Polish

Laminated Floors

Cleaning laminated floors requires products that effectively remove dirt and stains without causing damage to the surface. Here are some recommended cleaning products for them. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers, excessive water, or harsh chemicals that can damage the laminate surface. We also recommend floor stripping them once a while to remove any build-up.

  • Purpose-made Laminated Floor Cleaners
  • Spray Mop
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Mild Dish Soap or White Vinegar and Water Solution
  • Laminated Floor Cleaning Pads

Carpeted Floors

These types of floors require specific products and tools to effectively remove dirt, stains, and odors while preserving the carpet’s appearance and longevity. Remember to read the labels and instructions of all carpet cleaning products to ensure they are compatible with your specific carpet type and follow safety precautions. 

  • Vacuum Cleaner with a HEPA filter
  • Carpet Shampoo or Cleaner
  • Carpet Stain Remover
  • Carpet Deodorizer
  • Carpet Brush or Scrubber
  • Spot Cleaning Kit
  • Carpet Powder

Resin Epoxy Floors 

To maintain your resin epoxy floors’ appearance and durability, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your specific epoxy floor coating, as different epoxy products may have slightly different care requirements. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep your epoxy floors looking pristine and extend their lifespan.

  • Soft Bristle Broom or Dust Mop
  • Microfiber Mop
  • pH Balanced Epoxy Floor Cleaner
  • Non-abrasive Scrubbing Pads
  • Rubber Squeegee
  • Non-rinse Floor Cleaner
  • Lint-free Towels
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone (for stain removal)

Choosing the right floor cleaning products and tools is a fundamental step in achieving a clean and germ-free floor. Whether you have tiled, wood, laminated, carpeted, or resin epoxy floors, there are specific products and techniques to ensure effective cleaning without causing damage. Remember, a well-swept and mopped floor not only enhances the aesthetics of your office but also contributes to a healthier and more comfortable working environment. So, equip yourself with the right tools, select the appropriate cleaning solutions, and make floor cleaning a regular part of your office maintenance routine.

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