How to Maximize Office Carpet’s Lifespan

carpeted office floor

With so many floors covering options today, offices tend to go with high-quality carpets to provide comfort and elegant aesthetics. It is a great choice if you want your office to be visually pleasing because of the freedom and flexibility it allows in design and customization. Its acoustic properties help to reduce noise as well. By gathering air pollutants, dust, allergens, and poisons and encasing those molecules in its fibers, it helps to improve the indoor air quality of your office(IAQ). Additionally, it is cost-effective since most office carpet lifespan ranges from 10-30 years depending on how you properly take care of them. However, not a lot of people know how to “properly” take care of their carpets to maximize their life span. If you are one of those people you might want to ask office carpet cleaning and maintenance experts or continue reading this article to gain some tips to maximize your carpet’s lifespan.


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Vacuum Daily or as needed

The biggest threat to your office carpet’s lifespan is without a doubt regular dust, dirt, and other regular contaminants. Daily cleaning with a regular vacuum is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to prolong the lifespan of your office carpets and rugs. As a result, little grit and dirt particles that assault carpet fibers and hasten carpet wear will be eliminated. Particularly for those in high-traffic areas, daily vacuuming will extend their lives and stop them from destroying carpet fibers. It also avoids the accumulation of allergens that could cause your employees’ sinus or asthma issues, improving their health and comfort.


Tip/s: Try vacuuming in a criss-cross pattern to achieve optimal results. This will help you cover all the areas of your carpet and thoroughly clean it. For heavy-traffic areas, vacuuming multiple times a day is essential to get rid of all that tiny dust and dirt.


Place area rugs before people step on your carpet

Your carpets will have a few locations where it is most susceptible to damage; by locating these spots and adding area rugs/mats on top, you can give your carpet the protection it needs. Most people will be able to walk on your carpet and leave their mud and filth on these rugs. Your office carpet is less likely to get dirty as a result. The main entrance is one example, as are the areas outside the doors of spaces like the staff canteen and the main offices. Keep in mind that area rugs ought to be durable and simple to clean.

carpet stained by coffee

Clean up spills immediately

Spillage (food and beverage) is unavoidable inside a busy office. That’s why you have to immediately clean the spill before it sets on your carpet. Don’t wait before doing so because this will cause the spill to leave a stain or worse you won’t be able to remove it anymore. Immediate carpet cleaning isn’t limited to food and beverage spills because there are accidents such as pet vomit, or urine once in a while. Instances like this also require immediate cleaning if you want your carpet to last long. You’ll have the best chance of preventing stains if you act quickly to clean up spills, so be prepared and able to do it right away.


Rearrange your furniture regularly

Carpets will eventually become worn down from friction from foot traffic even if there isn’t any dust or dirt on them. If at all possible, look for occasions to occasionally move specific pieces of office furniture or equipment. Doing this will change the pattern of foot traffic allowing a more even distribution of wear on your carpet. If the reason for that excessive use is shifted to another position in the office, it will mean that portions of your carpet that see a lot of foot traffic, such as in front of the photocopier or coffee maker, will gain relief. Rearranging furniture will also lessen pile crushing caused by chairs, tables, and table legs.


Reduce sunlight exposure

Not a lot of people know this but sunlight, especially sunlight coming through office windows is one of the reasons why your office carpet is deteriorating. UV lights produced by the sun fade your carpet’s coloring if exposed for a long period of time and sometimes the color fades unevenly making your carpet unpleasant to the eyes. You can use window blinds or curtains to reduce the level of direct sunlight exposure for your carpets but still allow some sunlight for your employees and indoor plants to enjoy.


Understand your choice of carpet

Your choice of carpet will influence the amount and type of maintenance required to increase its lifespan. Broadloom carpets and carpet tiles, each with their unique advantages, are the two most common options for offices. In general, carpet tiles are simpler to maintain and replace because it is possible to take out individual tiles that can be seriously discolored or worn out and replace them with fresh ones. Conversely, broadloom carpets are the best option for upscale office interiors since they provide more refinement and comfort underfoot.

professional cleaners of BCS

Hire experts for regular deep cleaning

While routine cleaning helps keep your office’s carpets and carpet tiles generally clean, a deep cleaning performed by a professional cleaning service is crucial for removing dirt and stains to extend the life of your carpets as well as for getting rid of unpleasant odors, dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. Having your carpet deep cleaned by professionals regularly will help your carpet look its best and extend its life because it won’t need to be replaced as frequently if it is free of stains and ugly spots.


Just like everything else with value, carpets are costly investments. How well you take care of and maintain your office carpet will influence whether you get the best out of this investment. You might get the intended lifespan out of them or you’ll have to replace them sooner rather than later. If you want the former result then we suggest that you take proper care of your carpet to maximize your office carpet’s lifespan