How Unhealthy is Your Carpet

carpet in the office

Your office carpet is the unsung workhorse of your workspace. It covers most, if not all, of your square footage and everyone uses and abuses it. Unfortunately, while they get the most use of any other thing in your office, carpets often do not get the love and care they deserve. If left unchecked, they can carry many problems that can impede your office operations. 


That said, do you know how filthy your carpet is? In this article, learn about simple tricks to assess the state of your carpet flooring, discover the adverse effects of dirty carpets, and find out the best way you can maintain you can ensure that your carpets are clean and safe with ease!


Harmful Effects of Dirty Carpets

Carpets are great flooring options because they lend a soft and warm feel to an otherwise utilitarian workspace. They are also incredibly durable and affordable. Nevertheless, unkempt carpet flooring can carry a host of negative effects. Below are just a few health hazards to be wary of: 


Increase Instances of Respiratory Problems

Most carpets available in the market are made from small cloth fibers that can trap dust, dander, and mites without proper cleaning. Unmaintained flooring can be a death trap, especially for people who are prone to allergies and respiratory problems. Symptoms can include skin allergies, stuffy or running noses, irritated nasal passages, itchy eyes, and sneezing. At its worse, employees with asthma can suffer from mild to severe attacks. Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, these are occurrences that you simply do not want in your office. 


Increased Overgrowth of Bacteria and Mycotoxins 

Aside from dust and dust mites, bacteria and fungi also thrive in the warm, moist environment of dirty carpet flooring. Fungi can cause a host of different health problems. When inhaled, they can cause infections in your system. Fungal infections are extremely contagious. While most are not fatal, they are uncomfortable to live with, especially without medical intervention. The same can be said for bacteria and microbes. These pathogens can cause a number of infections including stomach issues and general fatigue.  

sick office employee

Weakening of the Immune System 

There is no good that can come out of being exposed to pathogens all the time. For most people, particularly those who are already immuno-compromised, regular exposure to dirty carpets can cause a weakening of their immune system. When the body can’t protect itself from diseases, employees are most likely to get sick. More than a hit on their productivity, dirty carpets can also affect employee morale. No one wants to work in a dirty, unsafe environment. 


How Dirty is Your Office Carpet? 

Depending on the color of your office carpet, it can be challenging to figure out how truly dirty your flooring is. Especially if you aren’t an expert, it is easy to dismiss carpet to be clean so long as it is free from stains. Save for hiring professionals, there are two simple things you can do to check the cleanliness of your flooring: 


Good ‘Ol Fashioned Sniff Test

Often, our sense of smell is our best tool in identifying the cleanliness of a space. This is truest when it comes to carpet flooring.

A simple sniff test can help you determine if your flooring is due for deep cleaning. When conducting the test, try to test high-traffic areas within your office. Bend down and take a whiff. If the carpet smells like rotten fruit, it is time to call in the professionals. 



Like the sniff test, you don’t really need to be an expert on office maintenance to know if your carpet needs a good ‘ol wash. Sometimes all you need is your senses. 


For the scrub test, choose another high-traffic area, maybe in the pantry, by the fridge, or around the watering hole or coffee maker. Take a clean piece of cloth and scrub the flooring. If the carpet becomes lighter, and the cloth becomes darker, then your daily cleaning efforts are proven to be insufficient. 


Ways to Maintain Your Office Carpet with Ease 

Carpets are a popular choice for office flooring for good reason. They are affordable and durable, and there are plenty of design options to choose from. Truth be told, they are also relatively easy to maintain. With diligence and the tips below, you can prolong the lifespan of your carpets: 

vacuuming office floor

Vacuum Regularly

When it comes to carpet cleaning, consistency is key. Having a daily carpet maintenance routine can help keep build-up at bay until it’s time to schedule a deep cleaning session. Regardless of the scale of your company, it is best to schedule vacuuming twice a day – preferably at the start of the workday, and after the end of the shift. 


Deal with Spills Promptly

One of the worse things you can do to carpet floors is to let spills stain and seep through. Spills need to be dealt with swiftly. Failing to do so can cause bigger problems in the long run. Thankfully, you don’t need special tools and chemicals to ensure your carpets are stain free. A simple vinegar and water mixture is often enough to deal with even the toughest of stains. 


Schedule Frequent Deep Cleaning 

Deep cleaning sessions go hand-in-hand with your daily carpet maintenance routines. As mentioned earlier, frequent vacuuming can keep build-up at bay but you still need a more thorough cleaning to get rid of stubborn grime and stains.  For high-traffic areas, it is best to work with professional cleaners at least once a month. 


2022 is about to come to a close. There is no better time to rehaul your office maintenance protocols. After all, new year, new cleaning resolutions! No better place to start than with your carpets. 


With hope, the tips and tricks above can help you enjoy a cleaner, safer office space in the coming year. 


If you need more assistance with your Hartford County, Connecticut workspace, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Burgos Commercial Cleaning! With decades worth of commercial cleaning, we can help you navigate through the most efficient ways to maintain your space. We are eager to help, reach out today!