KonMari Method At Work: How to Spark Joy in Your Office

KonMari Method At Work

The office is what most of us considers a second home, and for a good reason. Spending a third of our lives — that’s roughly 90,000 hours in this lifetime — inside a room with a dedicated cubicle and constantly smells of freshly brewed coffee is a reasonable amount of time. But all these hours aren’t nil. Every staff’s life’s work is produced for every hour they spend in the office. It’s the fulfillment of their purpose and passion. 

Apart from staring at a screen for long hours and doing the work required of them, with the occasional missing out on important Saturday night games and gatherings to rush deadlines, at some point the people who work together also start to become family as a result of their shared experiences in the workplace. These collective incidents form a strong bond that extends into life outside of work. Indeed, the office is rightfully everybody’s second home.

That being said, it’s only fitting that one should find joy in the office. Otherwise, it gets taxing to be there and before long, people will find themselves looking for and leaving for the other side’s greener promises. And while it isn’t always about finding a better option, the office should never be short of inspiring and conducive for the people who stay there to be productive about their work. 

One of the more fine ways to continually find happiness in the office is to apply the KonMari method, as you would in your own home. Not everything applies, but there are workarounds to it to ensure that you still get to stay in a happy workplace.

How does the KonMari method spark joy in the office? 

A bit of a refresher, in case you haven’t heard of it or maybe lost it in your jar of thoughts: the KonMari method is the revolutionary minimalism-centric approach to cleaning and tidying up as founded by Marie Kondo, a popular Japanese expert on organizing and keeping your space efficient and happy.

The KonMari method banks on the idea of decluttering based on categories, rather than which items go to which rooms. The ultimate goal and bottom line of the KonMari method is to have a house–  in this case an office or a workspace– that is full of objects and things that spark joy in you. 

Apart from serving you bite-sized happiness through the things you still wish to keep, the KonMari method can also boost your productivity rate. Think about it: your ideas go wild and limitless when you start with a clean slate, so it’s very ideal to apply the KonMari approach to your workplace.

Here are some quick tips on how to make the KonMari method work for your office.

Ask yourself why

The first rule of thumb for taking action on something is to establish an objective. Why are you doing this? Why do you suddenly want to invest time and effort to take on the KonMari method of cleaning? There could be a couple of million reasons. It could be that you just want to have a clean workspace. You want to get rid of unnecessary items. Or it could be that you just want to see the bottom of your desk, the one that had drowned from piles of paper and stacks of documents that were still from last month’s report. Whatever it is, hold on to your reason so that you don’t get distracted from creating a clean workspace. 

Everything must go

Once you have a firm grasp of what you want to achieve, settle on it and roll your sleeves up because you’re in for some gathering and a good cleaning. Businessmen should be organized, and it could very well start by taking everything out of your desk– papers, pencils, calendars, everything. Starting with an empty desk allows you to see through the clutter and pick up only what’s necessary moving forward. While you’re at it, make sure to clean every nook and cranny.  If you’re in for some deep cleaning, you can hire the services of a professional cleaning company to achieve the results that you’re aiming for. 

Find what sparks joy 

As with the KonMari principle, office items, supplies, and all the clutter that you have removed from your desk should be grouped with similar items. From there, each piece should be thoroughly assessed. Only keep items that “spark joy,” and this is not to be taken lightly. You want to get rid of the clutter, and this is an essential way to do so.

Rid yourself of the papers. 

Papers are ubiquitous in the workspace, some industry more so than the others. If you don’t really need all those papers, which is a lot of clutter, by the way, it’s time to throw those wastes away. If storage is not sufficient, you can opt to scan important papers and keep them in a special folder on your desktop. 

Declutter your digital space. 

Your laptop may have an abundance of files and folders that you cannot find the ones that you absolutely need. If you cannot see your desktop wallpaper, it’s a sign to start clearing up the area and make space for what’s only necessary to remain productive. 

Don’t hurry. 

Working on getting an organized workspace or area is not a one-night-only process. In fact, it’s a daily dedication, if you want to keep your space a functional and productive one. You can choose to set aside a certain hour of the day to tidy up and ditch the clutter. This can also help you relieve some stress and take a few minutes out of work so you can refocus better once you’re back at it. 

Loosen up with the rules.

A lot of companies and businessmen tend to be strict with their rules for the employees. It’s not so much, but adding a fun touch to the company rules sparks more than just joy, but also loyalty. Fun rules such as delegating Fridays as a free pass to allow pets at work are a tiny thing that business owners can do to create a happy workplace and inspire happy employees. 

Sparking a little bit of joy in the office is not only a small tip to become more productive in your day-to-day work. When it all boils down to it, being happy in the place that you work for is all it takes to call it a second home.