Post-Event Cleaning: Essential tips on cleaning your space

celebrating New Year with family

So, the event was a success. We bet it was. A lot turned up and stayed longer by an hour or two, and we bet there was even an after-party. Fun was an understatement, to put it.

But, as entertaining as the night that was, you, the host, will always be bound for an overwhelming aftermath—a possibly massive mess to clean.

We hate to break it to you, but post-event cleaning is a huge responsibility to have to deal with, however enjoyable the event was for you. If it’s your first time hosting a party, we’ve got cleaning tips to make your cleaning less painstaking than it ought to be. If you’ve been a diligent host for quite some time, you may find yourself a useful tip or two.

Plan the post-event cleaning ahead of time.

The after-event cleaning is part of the event. Always remember that. Hence, you need to include cleaning instructions and plans when you start organizing your gathering. Here’s how you do it.

Simple things such as readying your cleaning supplies and equipment right where you could easily find them could vastly improve the clean-up process. This is especially helpful when handling urgent messes and accidental spills.

Prepare a checklist of supplies that you should have ready. Your list should include the following:

  • Trash bags (Make sure that these are made for heavy-duty use and are biodegradable.)
  •  Paper towels
  • Cleaning cloths (preferably microfiber, to easily absorb spills and mess)
  • General purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  •  Carpet or upholstery cleaner
  • Gloves, and other useful tools

 After getting your supplies ready, start creating an action plan on how you could efficiently work on the mess during and after the party.

Don’t put all the work into your staff.

An event is not a typical day in the office or a run in the park or whatever, but basically, it’s a special case. And instances like this call for a different kind of expertise when it comes to cleaning.

You may need a professional cleaning staff for this one, that is.

We know you’re a bit unenthusiastic about the thought of hiring commercial cleaning companies just for an event and spending extra bucks, but trust us, it’ll be the best thing you have done, and you don’t even know it yet.

Regardless of the size of the venue or space, the cleaning experts are guaranteed to get the job done faster, safer, and better. We’re talking efficiency and quality here. If you don’t want to compromise any of that, you’re making the best choice of letting the experts do what they do best.

There are a ton of commercial cleaning companies in Fairfield County, Connecticut so finding one that suits your needs won’t be a trouble.

guests cleaning after party

Encourage your guests.

Well, it’s a party, and everyone who’s invited should participate in all the fun. And maybe even in the cleaning before everything becomes undone.

To create a better ambiance for your party, make sure everyone knows where to throw their waste. Strategically place trash bins around the venue, both indoors and outdoors. This lets the guests dispose of their litter carefully and with better access. Tip: Focus on areas near the food and drinks. Triple-line each bin for easy removal once a bag is full, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of replacing each removed bag.

Moreover, make sure that you have dedicated trash bins for biodegradables and recyclables. Learn more on how to segregate waste properly. This is not only responsible for garbage handling. Doing so also makes it easier for you to dispose of the waste once the party is over. Keep everything organized and you’ll be on top of everything.

Arrange your waste removal.

For commercial venues, you can take your collected waste to designated refuse bins in the city. However, bigger events can produce excess waste that cannot be accommodated easily by the designated bins. For these instances, you may need to talk to local authorities about seeking additional support. This may include:

  • Temporary waste receptacles
  • Free access to refuse collection sites
  • Carrying out recycling schemes
  • Information about the proper way to deal with hazardous waste


As previously mentioned, there are pros to learning how to segregate waste the right way, especially in the grand scheme of things.

The bottom line is if you think you’re going to collect more garbage than expected, coordinate with the designated authorities beforehand so it doesn’t create trouble for you after the event.

Assign an event cleaning leader.

As a host, you oversee the whole process, and it’s hard to stay on top of things when a lot is going on. It’s a particularly smart move to designate load to key personnel.

Pick out an individual from your team to take responsibility for the after-event cleaning. This is an efficient way to keep tabs on the cleaning. Assist them in listing down the tasks, and then seek help from the rest of the staff to perform additional assistance in performing the clean-up process.

Tip: Assign someone who is not exhausted from working on the whole event, so they can dedicate enough time and energy to what’s to come.

cleaning confetti poppers

Don’t forget what you don’t see.

All too easily we tend to miss out on cleaning hidden areas. After all, out of sight, out of mind. But that doesn’t make these areas less important.

Toilets, patios, car parks—these are just a couple of “guest hot spots” that aren’t given enough attention when the clean-up takes place. To make sure that you and your team are never forgetting to check these locations, indicate them in your post-event cleaning plan. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a massive headache when you realize there are still these areas to take care of.


These essential tips should be able to help you in getting your cleaning plans geared up for your next event. It’s still the holidays, anyway, and if you’re looking, we also talked about how to clean the office before and after a Christmas party.