How to Segregate Office Waste

office waste segregation

When it comes to waste collection, garbage collectors always remind people to segregate their trash. Some even have policies wherein they wouldn’t collect your garbage if it isn’t segregated properly. Others have different schedules for different types of trash, from recyclables to non-biodegradable and biodegradable. It might be a hassle to segregate your trash at first but as long as you continuously do it, you’ll eventually get a hang of it. 

Waste segregation has always been practiced in your homes with the guidance of the 3Rs or 5Rs you’ve been taught in your school or by your parents. However, have you thought of practicing this proper waste disposal in your office as well? Maybe some of you have and are doing it already and some of you haven’t but want to start doing it. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do first because in this article we will walk you through office waste segregation and its different benefits for you and the entire office. 


Benefits of Office Waste Segregation

Reduced Landfill Impact

Data provided by Envirowise states that 70% of office waste is recyclable. So imagine the amount of recyclable waste being dumped in landfills. Practicing proper office waste segregation reduces the amount of waste in landfills, therefore, decreasing the occupied space. As well as, considerably lowers the amount of air and water pollution produced by landfills. 


Saving Money on Office Supplies You Buy

One of the most common office waste is paper. Employees tend to throw away used paper and don’t try to reuse it for printing documents that aren’t used in important meetings. However, saving these used papers and printing on the other side can save your office a lot of office supply expenditures. 


Cuts your waste disposal costs

Implementing effective waste management in your office will definitely decrease the quantity of waste your office produces, which means there will be less to dispose of. This will lead to decreased disposal costs and save you some money which you can invest in other things later on.

increase office revenue

Find New Sources of Revenue

After sorting out your office’s trash you might be able to notice that there are some waste products that other companies are purchasing for them to reuse or recycle as part of their product’s ingredients. 


How to Segregate Office Waste

Beginning the office waste segregation can be a hassle because you have to identify what type of waste you’re throwing before you can put it in the proper trash bin. However, following some methods you can start your waste-sorting practice at work.


Prepare at least 2 different trash bins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

Separating these two types of waste makes waste disposal and treatment easier. Biodegradable waste can be quickly disposed of by natural decomposition, whilst non-biodegradable waste can be recycled or transported for safe disposal.


Biodegradable waste bins should have lids.

Biodegradable waste is known to decompose easily and produces a smell that may attract different kinds of pests. That’s why covering the bins designated for biodegradable waste with lids that aren’t easily taken off is crucial. Covering with a lid that can fall off anytime will not prevent any pests or odors from appearing. You might also want to separate wet and dry biodegradable waste from one another to make disposal of each type a lot easier or better yet, drain your wet waste first before dumping them in the bin. 


Furthermore, your biodegradable waste should be disposed of on a daily basis for it would produce methane gas (that may cause suffocation if allowed to increase in amount) if kept in a tightly sealed trash bin for a long period of time. Disposing of biodegradable waste would be easier if you have a trusted waste management agent to properly dispose of it for you or you can try building a simple compost-processing installment to compost your employees’ waste organically. You can also use this as compost to make your office plants look healthier than ever. 


Non-biodegradable waste bins can be further divided into categories.

Compared to biodegradable waste, non-biodegradable waste cannot be decomposed using biological processes. There are two types of non-biodegradable waste: recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Recyclable waste pertains to wastes that are for disposal but can be reused such as paper, plastic, and old cloth. Non-recyclable, on the other hand, pertains to waste for disposal that does not have any economic value such as carbon paper, tetra packs, and thermal coal. 

Non-biodegradable disposal has been one of the major concerns in society since they do not decompose biologically. That’s why various waste disposal for this type has been created. One of which is a well-known method, recycling. Other methods include the use of landfills and incineration with energy recovery.

medical waste bin

Provide a separate bin for medical waste.

Biomedical waste is another matter to consider, especially during this major pandemic. There are three types of biomedical waste, but the one present in your office would most likely be an infectious waste. This type of waste should be separated and properly disposed of as it poses a huge threat to everyone’s health. Separating it from other types of trash also helps in controlling the infection from spreading inside the office. The danger of a disease outbreak is a major problem if this type of waste isn’t properly disposed of. 

Creating and implementing effective waste segregation strategies in your office would go a long way and would help in providing a strong foundation for your waste management which is also an important factor. Not only does it keep your office from reaching its environmental obligations easier, but it also teaches your employees about environmental responsibility by simply encouraging them to segregate waste inside the office. Another way to keep your waste management in check is to ask experts for help or advice when it comes to responsible waste management. 


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