Professional Office Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning is something that everyone does, not only in their home but also in their workplace. However, not everyone has the time and energy to do all the cleaning on their own especially if the space is considerably large. The office place, for example, is mostly cleaned by professional service providers. This is because it saves time and the professional office cleaners are more often than not very thorough. When you are hiring office cleaners, in most cases they will have their own checklist. However, it would be more convenient that you customize your own cleaning checklist to suit the specific needs that your office requires.

Professional office cleaning checklist

A professional office cleaning checklist should have the routines done on a daily basis, those done on a weekly and a monthly basis.

Daily Basis

The daily cleaning routines will ensure that the workplace looks professional, clean and neat to the workers and the customers. The daily basis tasks should include the following;

•Emptying, cleaning and disinfecting trash bins and recycling the waste.

•Replacing the dustbin lining.

•Cleaning the food preparation areas thoroughly.

•Unloading and loading the dishwasher.

•Refilling soap dispensers and paper products in the toilets and bathrooms.

•Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting toilets and bathrooms.

•Cleaning all the places where food is eaten like the break room and the cafeteria.

•Vacuum the floor, especially the places with high footfall like the elevator and stairs.

•Dust the reachable areas and surfaces in the office space.

Weekly Basis

Weekly cleaning routines are aimed at ensuring the office is in order and messes are prevented from occurring. They require more labor than the daily routines. Here are some of the tasks involved in weekly cleaning.

•Cleaning and polishing metallic surfaces, mirrors and glasses.

•Cleaning windows and painted surfaces like walls.

•Thoroughly cleaning kitchens and emptying and cleaning communal fridges.

•Remove cobwebs from the walls.

Monthly Basis

Daily routines are done to keep the office neat and help the employees get through the everyday mess. Weekly routines, on the other hand, are done to ensure that there is no buildup of dirt in the office space. Monthly routines, however, are the routines that are done on a monthly basis or a quarterly basis. Some of the tasks involved in monthly cleaning include the following:

•Maintain hard floors by cleaning and polishing them.

•Thoroughly cleaning the carpets using steam cleaners and other cleaning equipment depending on the carpet.

•Thoroughly dusting all the office surfaces.

•High dusting the points that are hard to access during the daily and weekly cleaning routines.


Cleaning your office space may be too much work for you and your employees. It is for this reason that there are professional cleaning service providers to help you with these cleaning routines. Most of the professional cleaning service providers will often have their own office cleaning checklists. This way, you are able to know just how much they are willing to offer you in terms of cleaning services. In case they do not have one, you should draft your own cleaning checklist to help you know what exactly you are getting.