Pub Cleaning Checklist

best way to clean pubs

Pubs are the heart of every town. Whether you’re looking for some fun or need to be with your feelings, the pub is there for you! As a business owner, you’ll want customers who come back again and bring friends with them often. It’s important to keep things clean so patrons can enjoy themselves to the fullest, without worrying about how sanitary your pub is.

First impressions last, so it’s important to keep your bar clean. Your customers will notice if you have dirty windows or floors even when they aren’t looking for anything specific in a shop – just having an unkempt appearance can make them feel uncomfortable and leave without buying anything at all.

A well-maintained establishment with neat décor gives off the impression that this particular business takes pride not only in its drinks but also in itself as individuals; which helps create a feeling of trust towards your pub, especially among new clients who might otherwise go elsewhere due simply because other bars offered better amenities.

Planning Out your Pub Cleaning Checklist

Creating a routine for cleaning your pub will help you and your employees stay on top of things, preventing a buildup that can lead to more work. Setting up different checklists depending on what frequency or time frame is important as duties vary per list – if glasses are washed after closing then they won’t need washing before opening again.

While we’re still in a pandemic, the risk of infection is greatly reduced when you keep your place of business clean. You must be well-prepared to clean your pub. Make sure that you have all the right tools for the job which include cloths, mops, brooms, and chemical products such as sanitizers and antibacterial cleaners.

When it comes to creating a checklist for cleaning your pub, you will need to set which tasks need to be done in order. For daily tasks, you can include cleaning that is done before opening, during business hours, and at closing time.

To start with, your pub should be spic and span the moment the doors open to accommodate your first batch of merrymakers. 

Before Opening 

Organize and Check Glassware, Dishes, and Utensils

Ideally, these have all been washed the previous night, but it never hurts to always double-check. Arrange glassware so that it makes for an appealing display while also being readily accessible to serve drinks to clients. Be on the lookout for cloudiness and streaks on surfaces.

Wipe Down Tabletop and Furniture Surfaces

Stools, tables, chairs, and the bar counter have to be spotless and free of any spills, prints, and particles. Use an antibacterial cleaner, as these surfaces will be very touch heavy all throughout the time your pub is open. This is also a great time to fix the arrangement of your pub furniture, set the floor mats, and line up trash cans.

Prepare The Bathroom

Refill bathroom dispensers such as handwashing soap and toilet paper. One of the biggest turnoffs for customers is an unsanitary bathroom that is well-stocked. The restroom will have many visitors, and messes will be inevitable but it helps to give your customers what they need to themselves and their surroundings clean.

During Service Hours 

cleaning pubs during service hours

Immediately collect used glasses and plates

Not only is this part of providing good service for your patrons, but it’s also good sanitary practice to have dirty plates and glasses cleared from tables for immediate cleaning. When washing, use hot water to effectively kill bacteria. Consider using a three sink-system for washing, rinsing, and sterilizing.

Sanitize Surfaces For Every New Custome

Throughout your business hours, different groups of people will be sharing a lot of the same tabletops, seats, and furniture. Make sure that each new guest will be greeted with clean areas. 

Empty Trash Cans and Replace Liners

Trash cans should never overflow so as to not make waste spill out unto the floor and potentially become a major health hazard. 

Closing Time 

Complete Floor Cleaning

As the day comes to a close, use a broom to sweep up any debris and dry spillage before using a mop to deep clean the floor.

Dishwasher Maintenance

Monitor water levels and debris stuck inside your dishwasher to keep it in optimal condition. A dishwasher can greatly cut down on time spent for cleaning, so it’s in your best interest to have it clean your dishes and glassware properly. 

Final Wipedown 

A thorough cleaning of the bar and all other surfaces at the end of the day is needed to prevent the build-up of grime and bacteria.

Proper Trash Disposal

Empty out all the bins and properly segregate trash for pick-up. Clean the insides of the trash can as well to avoid persistent smells that can be off-putting to customers.

Keeping to a daily cleaning schedule gives both your customers and staff the peace of mind that they are safe whenever they spend time in your establishment. Of course, it can be challenging to provide great customer service and have to clean your pub all at the same time. More complicated tasks such as clearing beer lines, cleaning grills, and alcohol taps might be too much work for you to take on. Working with janitorial services who are well-equipped to service your pub regularly helps you devote more time to running your business. 

Moreover, professional cleaners use specialized tools and cleaners that you might not normally have access to do their job properly. The importance of regular commercial cleaning is making sure that you provide the best possible environment for your patrons to relax and enjoy themselves for hours. This can spell the difference between always having a full house at your pub every night to losing the trust of your customers. 

Hire the right cleaning service to help your pub stay clean and safe for everyone who goes through its doors. That means you, your staff, and your valued customers. You’ll want your pub to always look its best and consistent cleaning can open up great opportunities for your business! For expert commercial cleaning services in New London County, Connecticut contact us, and discover our comprehensive packages that cater to both businesses and office spaces.