Should You Transform Your Office Design to a Pivot Space?

Office Design

Companies here and there have been hit hard by the aggressive pangs of the pandemic, and as a result, a majority of employees from the corporate setting were forced to work from their own homes to lessen the impact of the pandemic. To create a happy workspace has become a distant goal, as companies focus on making the workspace clean and risk-free rather than ideal to work with. How long is this going to become a thing? Nobody knows, for sure, but certain adjustments must be planned and implemented so that things can seem like it is back to normal.

In older buildings, the traditional office space type has been long utilized– often cramped areas, the endless tangle of wirings and cables, and a little less room to breathe. Some offices in this setup are lucky to have an extra space to work with, but all things considered, it wasn’t what you’d call conducive and inspiring, especially for media and digital marketing companies which is a thriving sector in the current business landscape. And, while this has worked for the longest time, the evolution of office spaces has introduced some better options in terms of layout. 

Now with the onset of the pandemic, it may be wise to look into those options as companies slowly but surely try to make the transition from the virtual office back to physical ones.

The modern office setup

Before the pandemic took over, newer companies and start-ups have already enjoyed the use of coworking spaces– a modern, cost-efficient means to do office. In this setting, different companies are able to share office resources in an affordable manner. Furthermore, coworking offices are efficiently designed to create a flowing space that is encouraging of creativity and collaboration, at the same time promoting sufficient distance if you want to be alone with your thoughts. Simply put, coworking spaces let you get the best of both worlds. New office design trends are emerging so make sure you’re keeping up!

Introducing pivot spaces

This structured convenience of coworking offices is what traditionally-set companies should look into to be able to adapt to the new normalcy brought about by today’s global health concern. 

Companies don’t even have to adapt a pure coworking office space design, in fact, they only have to consider what makes the layout of a coworking space not just helpful but highly beneficial in making the adjustment back to the physical office successful. Companies with traditional offices should think about how pivot spaces in the coworking office space types can make all the difference

Creating highly functional areas of the office for maximized use, this is what pivot spaces are about. Pivot spaces aren’t exactly new, but it has completely revolutionized the way we look at office spaces, and now it might have a key role in moving back to the once-familiar comforts of the physical office and face-to-face team meetings.

Why pivot spaces?

Pivot spaces make use of every part of the office in the very best way possible so that no space is left idle and untouched. There is enough room for everyone, and every space is used effectively. How it can be instrumental in social distancing in the workplace in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic comes in a multitude. 

  • Ensure safety through perfectly spaced multi-use layout

Through pivot spaces, offices can exercise social distancing, a core practice against the spread of the virus. Its huge advantage over traditional-type offices all boils down to design. 

A crucial element that makes pivot spaces work is an efficient floor plan and furniture accommodation streamlined to its every purpose. When you already have in mind how each space will be used, it will become easy to conceptualize a design that will work for a range of office activities while maintaining a safe social distance. Conference rooms will not be solely for meetings, lunchrooms can double as mini-huddle areas, and booths can be set up for working lone wolves or intimate brainstorming sessions. Limiting the pieces of furniture and seating capacity will assure the distancing needs of each individual.

  • Access to a better air system

Because pivot spaces are all about large areas and open spaces that provide plenty of room for movement and versatile seating arrangements, implementing this kind of setup will not only guarantee a safe interaction between employees but also aid to improve indoor air quality, which is what is lacking in most traditional offices where airflow is poor and restricted. With the promise of improved indoor air quality in pivot spaces, the likeliness of employees catching sickness is lessened, making the workspace a secure retreat.

  • Recall that feeling of belonging

One of the best ways to create a happy workspace is creating a culture of like-minded individuals– people who share the same energy and passion for the craft. Now, working from home robbed employees of that sense of community and shared spirit that can only be felt in the physical workplace. With the use of pivot spaces, employees can get back on the grind together with their colleagues and enjoy exchanging ideas once more, while still keeping track of social distance. Pivot spaces offer a lot of room for flexibility in terms of furniture displays and location, wherein offices can opt to remove certain chairs to facilitate social distance compliance and ensure everybody’s ease and comfort.


Should you be making the move to pivot spaces?

The answer is yes! At this critical point in time, fulfilling the call for a breathable and flexible working space for your employees far exceeds the question of whether it is actually economical to do so. If there is an absolute need to return to the physical office, heed to this, make the necessary adjustments, consider pivot spaces, and be extra compliant with the guidelines for safety. With the help of a reliable office janitorial cleaning services provider, going back to the office will be a triumphant win for your company and your people.

To top of it all, whether you’re considering pivot spaces or not, what’s important is that your safety is unthreatened.