The Most Difficult Office Areas to Clean and How to Make it Easier for You

cleaning difficult areas in your office

Cleaning, in itself, is already a difficult chore that nobody likes. You’re dealing with dirt and nasties that could get you and everyone exposed sick. Apart from handling this task with extra care and caution, you also need to do it systematically. There is indeed a proper way of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting things around you, depending on a lot of factors. 

Cleaning can be a bit more manageable in the household. In a bigger setting like a commercial or office establishment, it’s a lot harder to keep track of cleaning needs and duties. This is why commercial cleaning companies exist. These professionals offer a plethora of office cleaning services that you can avail of to keep your establishment clean and welcoming while focusing on other aspects of your business operations. 

But while professional cleaners exist to make our lives easier, their job remains daunting and tedious, especially in some areas.

Below we list down areas of the office that are the hardest to clean. These areas are often overlooked because of their placement and location. 

Window blinds

When it comes to window embellishments and illumination control, window blinds are the most practical and professional-looking, yet the hardest to clean and maintain. The space between the sliders easily accumulates dirt but can take forever to clean. But there’s no workaround. 

As we mentioned, there’s a proper way of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, even with window blinds. While it’s not mad science to handle window blinds, we’ve got a quick tip. To make the cleaning a bit easier, close your window blinds. Work on one area, and then clean them in the reverse direction. This way, you don’t have to painstakingly go through each slider of your blinds. 

You don’t need a fancy cleaner or a chemical-based one to get this job the way it has to be. You can use a homemade vinegar-based cleaner and a microfibre cloth to sweep off the dust and dirt. In fact, you’re making a good choice by going for a DIY cleaner with vinegar as a base, instead of chemically-made options. 

Don’t forget to clean your window sills.

Light fixtures

Because lighting fixtures are placed far from usual reach, cleaning them is often put off for another period, forgotten, or not even thought of in the first place. 

Not cleaning your light fixtures is sure to neglect on your end. If you find that your bulbs have been dimming, it’s high time to get them cleaned. Dust buildup can reduce your bulb’s original luminescence by up to 30%, so cleaning them shouldn’t be disregarded. 

Since bulbs are located at least 12 to 20 feet off the ground, you’ll need a ladder to get them cleaned. Make sure to wear a mask while doing the act so that you don’t inhale the dust and get your sinuses irritated in the process. 

Once done, you can vacuum the surface or floor area where the dirt has settled. 

The insides of trash cans

Only emptying your trash bins and not actually cleaning it is one of the most common cleanliness and hygiene myths, and quite an extreme one at that. 

Throwing away the contents of your trash cans without washing the insides is a bad practice that not only lets a foul smell linger. It also cultivates disease-causing germs that could get everyone exposed to it sick or even activate illnesses on especially vulnerable people in the workplace. 

It’s also not enough that you only change the covers every day. Harmful bacteria can still settle in corners, and create a pungent odor. Over time, this buildup can become way too disgusting to even take care of, so it is best practice to clean the cans every time you empty it out. 

Cleaning your trash bins is no grand gesture. You can do so by wiping it daily, with a clean microfiber cloth and some detergent solution. You can dry it with a separate cloth, as moisture tends to make bacteria and molds grow faster. Then put it in a fresh garbage bag. That’s all there is to it. 

To make your business operations easier, you can always hire janitorial services within Fairfield County, Connecticut to do the job for you.

Behind the toilet

cleaning toilets thoroughly in your offices

We all know how dirty and nasty toilets can be when they go uncleaned. And so, scrubbing it for its glory is a dire need. And it’s not just the toilet seat. You must go beyond that, and that includes going out of your way to scrub the part of the toilet structure that is pressed against the wall. And if you can imagine how that goes, you can tell it’s pretty frustrating. 

Our tip for this is to use a cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth to wipe off dust particles. 

HVAC system covers/interior vents

Typically, we would advise you to leave handling interior vents and air conditioning system covers to the experts due to the complicated and technical nature of these things, but we want to provide a workaround in case an emergency need arises. 

Every two weeks, you can unscrew the cover and rinse it with soapy water. You can also opt to clean off the accumulated dust using the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum. Do this at regular intervals. 

Moreover, you also need to deal with the filters to ensure the proper circulation of air within the premises. You also need to replace these filters when they get worn out and can no longer perform their function.

Computer keyboards

Due to its overuse and daily exposure to human contact, computer keyboards are no stranger to small particles like dust, and bacteria. You may even be surprised at how much dirt computer keyboards gather. 

To proceed with cleaning your computer keyboard, turn it upside down and dust it off using a keyboard. Make sure to shut your laptop down before doing so. To disinfect it, you can use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol, being careful to run the sides of every key.

It’s best to perform this cleaning task every two weeks. If someone who has caught a cold or flu is using the keyboard, disinfect it after every use. 

Unfortunately, because of its demand and daily use, it can be quite hard to find a good schedule to clean your computer keyboards. It is imperative to learn how to implement cleaning schedules in a hybrid workplace that will go with the work schedule of teams during their time in the office.