To Dust or To Vacuum?

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When it comes to cleaning, pieces of advice that help in achieving the best results with less effort are always welcome. Implementing tried and tested tips and tricks will make your life easier. Not only do they require less time and effort, but also decrease your product use which leads to reduced costs on your part. The most asked question when it comes to cleaning is what is the correct order of steps to achieve that perfect clean space without having to redo anything. Redoing work just does not seem very productive. That is why in this article, we will be focusing more on what you should do first inside your office: to dust or to vacuum. 

What is Dust?

Dust is a common air contaminant that is produced by a wide range of sources and activities. It is a collection of tiny particles that gather in enclosed spaces. These particles may contain a variety of materials, including skin cells, hair, pollen from plants, paper fibers, and material fibers. Not only that, but it also builds up easily if left untouched for a few days. You may notice them on top of your books, shelves, and even on your appliances.

Cleaning dust regularly is crucial since dust poses a massive threat to your employees’ health. Being exposed to indoor dust causes mucosal irritation which basically indicates that you or your employees may experience sinus issues, congestion, and increased mucus. So, do not put your health on the line and shoo that dust out of your workplace.


To Dust or To Vacuum?

Let us jump to the main question we all have in mind: to dust or to vacuum. The quick answer is to always dust first before vacuuming. The only reason why experts suggested vacuuming first before was that old-style vacuums always kick up so much dirt that dusting last was the best option. However, it is now more efficient to have vacuuming as the last step of the cleaning process since the latest sealed vacuums have several filters (typically a HEPA filter that collects at least 99.97 percent of particles of 0.3 microns) that easily gather microscopic dust particles.

When dusting, some of the dirt ends up on your cloth or duster, and you will never get most of it; a large portion of the particles you come into contact with wind up circulating the air before settling. Your floors, couch, bed, or other surfaces will later become covered with these dust particles. This gives you an additional opportunity to get rid of it when you vacuum the space and it is especially crucial to dust first if it has been a while since you last did so. Large clumps of dirt will fall to the floor and the duster will be filled with debris, limiting its way of getting most of the dust on the cloth or duster. 

Can you imagine just how much dust is left circulating in your office if you decide to vacuum first? You will have to redo the vacuuming because the dust is not caught by your cloth or duster and would just settle on your floor, carpet, or furniture–a total nightmare! The dust will stay if you leave it alone and could harm your health. You will notice that your home will look dusty again sooner than usual because you did not take the proper steps to lessen the amount of dust there.

Knowing what to do first will not cut it, so we want to take this a little bit further by providing a few dusting and vacuuming tips to clean like a pro. Of course, let us not forget about removing clutter first. Without this extra step, dusting and vacuuming will become more difficult. Simply pick up any clutter and throw it in a trash bin then you are good to go. 

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Dusting Tips By Pros

Always dust regularly

As mentioned earlier, dust poses a huge threat to your employees’ health since it causes mucosal irritation. Not only that, but it may also cause some of your equipment to short circuit due to the dust accumulation inside. You have two dusting options: light dusting and heavy dusting. Light dusting is done every couple of weeks by dusting surfaces, floors, and any exposed areas. Heavy dusting, on the other hand, is done every few months by dusting hard-to-reach areas.

Use a microfiber cloth

Using the right cleaning products is as essential as knowing the correct cleaning sequence. That is why investing in a few microfiber clothes that reduce 99% of bacteria on surfaces is a real game-changer. 

Start from top to bottom at all times

It is always the best option to start from top to bottom when cleaning. We have said it once but we will say it again, some dust and dirt from above tend to circulate in the air when wiped then tend to settle at the bottom. Dust particles disperse and circulate through the air, so working downwards ensures that you get as much dust as possible without the need to go over it again.

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Vacuuming Tips By Pros

Clean vacuum filter regularly

Most vacuums come with a filter and sometimes a bag. Cleaning methods for vacuum cleaners vary greatly depending on the brand. It goes without saying that you should refer to the manual for more information. Before vacuuming the house, check the filters and clean them as best as possible.

Create a vacuuming system

Planning how you are going to do your vacuuming will save you a lot of time compared to aimlessly moving the machine on the floor in random patterns. The most simple vacuum system would be to start at one end of the area and vacuum in a straight line. Make a 90-degree turn and repeat until every area of the floor is covered. 

Be careful with pet hair

If you are an animal lover, you should be extra careful when vacuuming. Pet hair can get caught in the mouth of your vacuum cleaner. This means that your cleaning efforts will be completely ineffective. The shedding creates a blockage that prevents the machine from picking up dust from the floor. The golden rule is that you should clean your vacuum regularly to remove hair clogs.

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