When to Consider Office Cleaning Services

A man mopping the floor
Have you checked all six signs?

When businesses are growing, aside from the profit and revenue, there are more responsibilities to handle. The growth can be too fast-paced and it’s okay to admit that you simply can’t manage it all. This is where your reliable human resources department comes in and hires more people to join the company and control the increasing responsibilities of the company. 

However, some roles can be left outsourced like bookkeeping, web design, content creation and even cleaning services. Why? The short and simple answer is because it’s better to reduce operational costs and truly improve on the company focus– your clients and customers. For example, hiring cleaning services can be a really extensive and exhausting task but after the big cleaning session, the load will be lighter as your office would only need maintenance. The trained deep-cleaning professionals will now have to wait to show off their services again after a few weeks for another cleaning session. 

Whether you are running a small business of less than 10 employees or a huge corporation that provides for thousands of families, there will always be a good reason why professional cleaning services have a good return in investment.

If you need signs, look no further and see if you’ve checked all six hints that say you need to consider hiring cleaning experts now:

1. Your Office Mess Doesn’t Seem to End

Have you ever experienced cleaning your workplace for days, but even if you have spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing, the mess just doesn’t pile down? If you answered yes, it’s time to call an experienced cleaning service! You’re probably just moving one mess to another and haven’t carefully planned out how to restructure and minimize waste. Professionals go through adequate training and knowledge on how to clean, sanitize, and leave your office space spotless and organized! Knowing alone that their line of expertise is to focus on what you need, you should expect quality service as long as you relay your expectations to them.

2. You Don’t Have Enough Time

With 8 hours or longer of working, juggling your time between office and home, and maybe some recreational time with your friends or yourself, sometimes, 24 hours in a day is not enough for you and the same goes for your employees. Sticking with mandatory rules on waste disposal and desk organization won’t cut it. Cleaning services are highly reliable when you need the cleaning process done according to your schedule and to your company’s needs, making it convenient for everyone. This way, you and your staff are also more likely to focus better on their job and concentrate on what is important for the business.

3. You Want to Save Money and Resources

Cleaning your own office by hiring your cleaning staff may cost you more than what you think. You’d also have to consider the supplies you’ll need and the high-end equipment to accurately clean the workplace. When hiring cleaning services, quality labor like these comes in a package. So you are assured that you’re working with well-trained professionals who have their own cleaning supplies (i.e. vacuum cleaner, mop, air conditioning cleaner, protective gloves, and so on). There is a notion that you can buy the same cleaning supplies for your office, however, these supplies might not last long and may even be contaminated if left in a place you don’t routinely clean especially if people who have no thorough knowledge on how to properly handle these things are in charge of it.

4.Your Employees are Frequently Taking Sick Leaves

This might not seem like it, but studies show that a messy workplace significantly correlates to an employee’s physical health. It is a shocking truth that many parts of offices accumulate germs, which stay on the surface or object for a long time or worse, until necessary cleaning procedures were done to get rid of them. It is also common knowledge to all that dirty and unhygienic offices are breeding grounds for the employees’ sicknesses.

With employees spending most of their time in the office, interacting with different people, and handling different materials that are also used by other people in the workplace in order to get their job done, it is no surprise that illnesses could quickly spread in no time.

Offices need to understand that hiring professional cleaning services is as important as hiring other vital employees, as cleaning services would help keep the working environment sanitized and healthy. In turn, this will keep the employees from getting sick; hence, they become more effective workers and would help your business expand further.

5.You Love your Company and Your Employees.

Traditional workplaces are slowly changing and millennials are looking for good employers who value people over profits. Delegating the cleaning activities to your own staff would not be advisable as this would incur a domino effect– it will divert the employees’ time and attention from doing what they know best, increase backlogs and in the long run may keep you from gaining the appropriate profit. This could even affect the employees’ morale in the workplace because they are doing more than what they were hired to do. 

6.It’s taking a toll on your work mood.

According to a Harvard Business Review in 2019, the physical environment of the workplace has a significant effect on the way that employees work. When a worker’s space is a mess, so is their mental state. Several studies have also concluded that untidy workspaces can negatively affect the employees’ stress and anxiety levels– affecting their ability to focus well on their work, and even damaging their food and sleeping patterns. Meanwhile, employees who are exposed to a cleaner more safe working space tend to be more productive, more creative, and more likely to spread the positive vibes in the office.

If you’ve checked all six signs, it’s time to make a change. Don’t stick with the traditional business of hiring everything on your own. With the vast technology and startups booming, outsourcing is no longer just about cost-saving; it is now a strategic medium that helps the 21st-century global economy. Follow the trend, it’s here to stay!