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Regular office cleaning has been more practiced in recent years. The fact that a clean work environment has proved that it increases employee productivity, allows efficient operations, and decreases the number of sick leaves taken by employees encourages more businesses to perform regular cleaning. A shared space like an office requires a significant amount of cleaning and maintenance. Employees to visitors would most likely carry with them a type of dirt from the outside. These specks of dirt are then transferred to your workplace floors. The question now is, how often should floor cleaning occur?


The frequency with which floors should be cleaned in a workplace depends on several factors, including the amount of foot traffic, the type of flooring, the type of business, and the level of cleanliness desired. As a general rule of thumb, most workplace floors should be cleaned at least once a day, or as needed throughout the day if they become visibly dirty or soiled. To provide the most appropriate answer for your floor cleaning needs, continue reading this article to find the best answer to your question.


Factors Your Need to Consider for Your Floor Cleaning Schedule 

Foot Traffic

The size of the facility, the number of employees, and the nature of the company will all affect how frequently low-, medium-, and high-foot-traffic workplaces need to be cleaned. Nonetheless, as a general rule of thumb, the subsequent floor cleaning frequencies may be suitable:


  1. Low Foot Traffic
    Areas with minimal foot traffic such as small offices, conference rooms, and more. These are places that are seldom used by people. These areas only require floor cleaning once or twice a week, or as needed.
  2. Medium Foot Traffic
    Depending on the number of people using them and the type of industry, these facilities, such as common areas, break rooms, and restrooms, may need cleaning several times a week or even every day. For instance, a healthcare institution might need to be cleaned more frequently than a law office.
  3. High Foot Traffic
    These are places like shopping malls, airports, or dining establishments where there is a lot of foot traffic. To keep up with the level of use and maintain a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene, certain areas might need to be cleaned multiple times per day.


Type of Flooring

How often a floor should be cleaned depends on the type of floor you have, the amount of foot traffic in the area, the presence of pets or children, and the material it is made of. Here are some general rules of thumb for each flooring type:

  1. Carpet: Generally, they should be vacuumed once or twice per week. However, depending on the amount of foot traffic inside your workplace, you might want to switch to daily cleaning. 
  2. Hardwood Flooring: This type of flooring should have at least weekly vacuuming every one to two months of wet cleaning (more or less frequently, depending on traffic). 
  3. Tile or Stone Flooring: Sweep or vacuum weekly and mop every 1-2 weeks, or as needed. 
  4. Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring: Sweep or vacuum weekly and mop every 1-2 weeks, or as needed. 
  5. Laminated Flooring: Sweep or vacuum weekly and mop every 1-2 months, or as needed.

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Type of Business

The most important factor in determining whether you should implement a thorough daily floor cleaning routine is the nature of your business.

  1. Food and Beverage
    When dealing with food and beverage, cleanliness should be a top priority. Simple neglect can lead to food poisoning and other health issues. Whether you have high foot traffic or not, you’d most likely encounter food scraps, spills, and leftovers on a regular basis. These require daily cleaning or as frequently as needed.
  2. Grooming
    Businesses such as hair salons, pet salons, and the like consistently accumulate dust and debris numerous times a day. A workplace like this requires a daily complete cleaning and constant floor cleaning to avoid slips and trips. We all know how slippery a floor can get with bits of hair and fur. 
  3. Healthcare
    Daily floor maintenance is crucial when a company’s work entails taking care of the sick and elderly in order to stop the spread of disease, avoid slips and falls, and maintain a safe working environment for everyone. 
  4. Childcare
    Similar to healthcare facilities, a comprehensive floor cleaning strategy should be established to keep childcare facilities’ workplaces hygienic, dry, and clean. Children are known to have a weaker immune system compared to regular adults. Partnered with the unique personalities that make them want to touch everything including floors, acquiring bacteria and viruses is easy.
  5. Retail
    Cleaning your workplace’s floors every day is essential if you’re a retailer and you have to uphold strict standards of cleanliness. It’s not only hygienic and safe, but also professional and offers a polished, distinguished business to keep your environment free of clutter, dust, and footprints. In a setting like this, people will like the area and linger longer.

It is important to note that the above-mentioned are general guidelines. Ultimately, the frequency of floor cleaning in an office should be determined by the specific needs of the space and the preferences of the individuals using it. Regular office cleaning and maintenance can help keep floors looking their best and ensure a healthy and hygienic work environment.


Most businesses even hire commercial cleaning service companies to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of their workplace. Since it is not the job of the employees to clean specific areas except for their desk area. If you’re one of the businesses thinking of hiring a cleaner for your office cleaning needs around Hartford County or Litchfield County, Connecticut, pick up your phone and give us a call now to schedule a consultation!

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