How Dirty Are Hotels

dirty hotels

A lot of people dream of traveling to different places where they can have their leisure time and stay in a cozy and clean hotel. However, when the pandemic happened it made a huge impact on how people travel. It made the people cautious of their health and safety standards thus cleanliness is the most priority.

In order to protect the guests and employees of the hotel, they are now following a stricter protocol when it comes to cleanliness. However, even though they doubled their efforts in cleaning, we are not 100% sure that our health and safety will not be at risk.  So here are the things and places inside a hotel that we need to take extra precautions. 

Bathroom sink, faucet, and counter

Most people consider the bathroom as the dirtiest room compared to others. It is considered that germs and other contaminants can be found on toilet seats, floors, back of toilets, walls behind toilets, flush handles, and toilet paper dispensers after flushing. Those spaces which are narrow but occupy water can create moist environments for germs to spread, like sinks, and can be the primary place for bacteria and microbes. 

Washing your hands should already be second nature, using disinfecting alcohol when you are outside and have no access to soap and water can also help. However, you should also remember that even after washing your hands, it is best to avoid touching your face, especially your mouth as germs are unavoidable but maintaining awareness and diligently disinfecting our environments are steps we can take to avoid the harmful pathogens.

Remote control

Believe it or not, remotes are also considered a source of germs and bacteria as this piece of tool is often neglected and is not always cleaned. People often forget to wash their hands after going to the bathroom and holding the remote after can be a source of bacteria. 

In order to avoid the transmission of bacteria, you can use a zip lock when using the remote.


A table inside the hotel room may come in handy especially when you are there for work or simply eating your take-out meal. However, viruses and bacteria can stay on wood surfaces for up to four days. Take an extra mile by cleaning the table with a sanitized wipe. Extra precautions are better to avoid health consequences. 

Hotel room phones

Whether you use it to call other rooms or directly to the concierge, this piece of tool is a magnet for germs especially when you are putting it up to your face and extremely close to your mouth.  With the pandemic that happens, it is best not to use the phone or if it is really necessary to use it you may put it on speaker mode in important matters 

Coffee Maker

You may want instant coffee in the morning and might think having a coffee maker inside your hotel room may be better, however, this shared coffee machine can carry mold and other viruses which may affect your respiratory system. So, it’s best to have your own portable French press just to avoid health-hazardous viruses.

Bathroom and Drinking Glasses

cleaning hotel bathrooms

One of the struggles of cleaning hotels is how you will maintain them to be clean. Hotels may follow stricter health protocols in order to protect the guests however one can never be sure of how clean glasses in hotels can be, may it be drinking glasses or bathroom glasses. Some room and hotel cleaning staff often just rinsed the glasses in the bathroom and minibar with water. We just hope this is not the case however just to be extra careful it’s best to use disposable cups or even bring your own tumbler. 


Most of the hotels use carpets for their flooring as it gives comfort plus it is aesthetically pleasing. But unlike all the other things that were mentioned above that can be cleaned and sanitized, carpets are most often neglected when it comes to cleaning. It is not clean as frequently as comforters, bed linens, and other things that you can find in a hotel. However, if the hotel prioritizes their guest’s health and safety, they should also have to sanitize and clean hotel carpets regularly as it can also accumulate bacteria. 

Germs are unavoidable as we naturally encounter them every day but not all cause illness. There are very few germs that are dangerous but you can never be too careful, especially at this time. We should always keep in mind that a little precaution can go a long way most importantly when we are talking about our health.  Following a healthy regimen, washing your hands consistently and regularly, limiting unnecessary contact, and becoming a reminder to everyone to be clean are the little steps that can help a lot. 

You must also take note that in choosing to stay in a hotel, no matter how expensive and extensive their health protocol is. It is better to disinfect areas where you eat and sleep on your own to prevent and limit the hazardous effects of different contaminants. 

There are also different struggles of cleaning hotels, maintaining it can also add to the factor. However, hiring the Best Commercial Cleaning Company cannot only help you achieve having a clean hotel environment but using professional janitorial services can help you save money as it can avoid your staff from being sick and absent and it can also increase the hotel rating thus can be known for being clean and who strictly follows health and safety protocols. If you need help in maintaining a clean office in Windham County, Connecticut, please feel free to contact us