How to Evaluate Your Cleaner

Evaluating your cleaners

Cleanliness is vital most especially in the workplace as this gives the employees, staff, and customers the benefit of being in a healthy and clean environment and it also brings up the reputation of the company. Having a clean office also lessens the risk of getting staff and employees sick caused by dust, mold, germs, bacteria, and other nasties that could be hiding in a neglected office.

Companies often hire professional commercial cleaners from cleaning agencies to maintain the cleanliness of the office for the employees and staff to have a good working environment. Having the office cleaned regularly by a professional commercial cleaning service helps promote healthier, happier, and more productive employees as they can avoid different bacteria and germs which can cause sickness. So here are the places that you need to check for you to evaluate how good and worthy your professional cleaner is:

Maintain Clean and Fresh Smelling Restrooms

Office restrooms are often shared thus maintaining a clean restroom is essential for all human beings as having an unclean one can start the spread of germs and bacteria. It can even be the source of illness around the office if not cleaned properly. It is important that restrooms, especially office restrooms, are stocked with fresh hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper and other essential cleaning items. Everybody wants a fresh smell of bathroom – perhaps a fresh smell of bamboo as having an unclean restroom can affect the company’s reputation as customers and guests who come to visit the office may also use the office restrooms. It is important that your professional cleaning service takes care of the restroom meticulously and have it squeaky clean.  

Clean Out Dust Particles

A good and professional cleaning service is one who checks and cleans out all the dust your office place may have. One of their most basic but important features is Dusting. Neglecting the amount of dust your place may have can be dangerous and badly affects, trigger or worsen any respiratory sickness or allergies, and may even cause asthma. You may need to check your window sills, cabinets, and shelving regularly and watch out for even a tiny amount of dust. A quality and professional cleaning service should keep up with this as this is the most basic cleaning service offered.

Watch Out for Carpets Stains

Carpets come in different sizes and designs which makes the place aesthetically beautiful, however, they can be worn out and soiled after a month’s use and steady foot traffic. It also undergoes different dirt and stress, starting from the dirt outside to dampness from wet shoes to coffee and food spills. Having a damp and unclean carpet could even contain parasites and bacteria and if neglected, can affect your workers’ health and may also cause permanent stains giving the carpet a dirty, dingy look. A good cleaning service should make your carpets free from any dark spots, germs, and bacteria so you should watch out for this carefully.

Make Sure Trash Cans and Wastebaskets are Emptied

Emptying your trash cans in the office

There are different sources of trash and every business generates garbage that requires regular attention to maintain cleanliness, safety, and good health in the workplace. Having piled up trash can attract rats and cockroaches, which are known to be the cause of respiratory problems. Piled-up trash, especially in a canteen, can breed germs and bacteria and can spread to the air which can cause everyone to get sick. It also leaves a bad smell and can affect the company’s reputation. Emptying out the trash and making sure not a single piece is left behind is the most basic cleaning task good cleaning services should do.

Evaluate and Rate Their Professional Service

Given all the criteria that a good and professional cleaning service should have, it is now easy to evaluate and rate their cleaning services. But having professional customer service adds up to the quality of service they have. If you find that one of the above is missing or is not met up to the standard, you should bring your concerns to them and evaluate their response and action. A professional cleaning service should be open to their customer’s feedback and provides answers quickly and courteously. They should also take action on the problem area as soon as possible.

Having a clean and healthy working environment does not only affect the reputation of the company but it also helps to keep all the employees and staff healthy and away from sickness. And while you may not have all the access to the essential restaurant cleaning equipment to make the office squeaky clean, hiring a good and professional cleaning service may be able to help you achieve the cleanliness desired. They are more capable of achieving a healthy and clean environment as they are more familiar with proper cleaning tips like flooring especially concrete floor cleaning tips, condensed windows, ceilings, etc. 

An effective janitorial team can help your business succeed by keeping key areas well-stocked, as well as properly cleaned and sanitized, your facility becomes a more welcoming and enjoyable space for both customers and staff. Regular cleaning can even help create a healthier environment by improving air quality and encouraging worker safety and performance. If you need cleaning services in Fairfield County, Connecticut, or Windham County, Connecticut our team would be glad to be in service.