How Unhealthy is Your Carpet?

Carpets and rugs are known for keeping homes cozy and warm. However, they could also harbor bacteria, dust, allergens, and other pollutants. These allergens and pollutants can impact indoor air quality and create health issues. It’s advised to find out – How unhealthy is your carpet? Do you think your carpet or rug is clean? If so, think again. Apparently, you can’t figure out whether your rug is free of dirt and allergens. However, an unclean carpet can affect your health in many ways.

Poor indoor air quality

Very few carpets are made out of natural products. Plus, the processes used for making carpets are also less natural. Most of the rugs you see on the market are made using chemicals that may cause problems when released into the air. Padding and adhesive glue used for laying carpets could release irritating, harmful chemicals. Examples of people experiencing strange health problems stemming from a dirty rug are common.

An old carpet poses many health risks. Mold, mildew, and bacteria from a damp carpet can settle down deep. In such cases, it’s difficult to remove them. Plus, chemicals such as home cleaning solutions may also get down deep. Over time, these chemicals may release harmful elements that could impact indoor air quality. If the air quality is impacted, you and your loved ones are exposed to various health risks.

Respiratory problems

Dirty carpets are a safe haven for mold growth. Mold also attracts allergens and bacteria. If you inhale them you may experience flu-like symptoms along with other respiratory issues. Dust mites survive on fungi and bacteria, which are easily found on dirty rugs. As such, they grow and flourish quickly. When dust mites pop up on the surface of the carpet, they could cause eye and nose irritation. You might also see rashes on your nose.

If someone is already combating allergy problems, the situation could make his condition worse. In most cases, the person will have to be admitted to the hospital for days. If not hospitalized, his life could be in danger.

Skin problems

Some folks are aware of the respiratory problems originating from dirty carpets. However, they aren’t familiar with skin issues caused by an unhealthy rug. Skin asthma and athlete’s foot are the two popular conditions caused by unclean rugs.

If you walk on dirty rugs barefoot, you might be the next victim of athlete’s foot. This is even more correct if there are wounds and cuts on your feet. Fungus and bacteria could get into the wounds and cuts. If this is the case, you’re susceptible to a prolong feet condition.

At the same time, dust and dirt from the rug could get through the openings of the skin. In such situations, you may be hit by skin asthma attacks.

Unclean place

It has been rightly said that cleanliness is next to kindliness. A clean place not only keeps diseases at bay but also enhances the beauty and looks of the place. If not cleaned, dirt and dust may circulate and accumulate on lovely furnishings giving a filthy appearance. Dirt and dust from an unclean carpet may also rest on the lovely furniture pieces, making them look dim.

Clean up the unhealthy carpets

Of course, regular cleaning and deep vacuuming will get rid of harmful contaminants from the surface of the rugs. For better results, you may want to use an air purifier. Good ventilation should also help to weed out dust and dirt and ensure good indoor air quality.

However, the success of cleaning largely depends on how often and how well you clean the rugs. Make certain that the carpets are installed as per set standards. Also, keep the windows open when getting rid of dust. At the same time, see to it that the wind isn’t blowing; otherwise, outside dust may get inside your house, thus affecting the cleaning process.

Use greener solutions for cleaning floors and carpets. That will avoid chemically-harmful allergens from sitting on the carpet. Most importantly, follow the instructions for cleaning and caring for the carpets effectively.

Bottom line

It’s imperative to figure out – How unhealthy is your carpet? If you overlook this important point, your carpets and rugs could breed harmful bacteria and pollutants that can invite serious health issues. So, be mindful of these problems, follow a cleaning tenure, and keep your carpets and place clean and tidy. If that sounds too much, call a reliable cleaning service for the job.

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