Industries that Need Professional Cleaning

professional cleaning industries

Admit it or not, a lot of industries out there need professional cleaners to avoid common disinfecting mistakes. Cleanliness has become a vital part of every business since it builds the company’s reputation, big or small. You might feel confident to do the cleaning yourself after reading a few articles regarding cleaning hacks but you might not get that extra professional result those articles made you believe.

Some businesses can survive with DIY cleaning, but others can’t. You can’t just handle the cleaning yourself since some equipment requires professional knowledge and training, just like cleaning your air conditioners. Additionally, some businesses follow strict cleaning protocols. If not properly followed can lead to the business’ doom. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

  • Boost in employee productivity.
  • Reduced spread of virus and/or bacteria. 
  • An improved working environment.
  • Long-term cost saving.
  • Boost the company’s reputation. Imagine walking inside a spotless building, bet you’ll decide to come there often compared to others offering the same services.
  • More space since cleaning supplies stored in a room or shelves can be used for more important purposes. 

What are the businesses that need cleaning services?

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics are tasked to ensure patients are treated and don’t catch any kind of disease. That’s why cleanliness must be their second priority after treating patients. It is globally known that healthcare-associated infections (HAI) affect millions of patients annually, especially surgical patients, patients in the ICU, and neonatal units.

HAIs are mostly transmitted through environmental contamination. People with different diseases go in and out of healthcare facilities leaving behind or catching viruses. Environmental cleaning or professional cleaning plays an important role in cleaning, disinfecting, and monitoring the area to control the spread of a certain virus or bacteria that may lead to an outbreak like COVID. Healthcare-associated pathogens (HAP) last for days, weeks, or even months depending on the type of surface, humidity, and temperature. 

Imagine if these HPAs aren’t properly cleaned and disinfected, bet new kinds of diseases would be discovered every week or month. So, we’ve listed a few things and areas that need professional cleaning to avoid HAIs:

  • Private rooms should be cleaned every day and disinfected immediately after every patient.
  • Other rooms found in a hospital such as x-ray rooms, operation rooms, and more should be cleaned and disinfected after every use. 
  • Emergency rooms must be cleaned and disinfected a few times in one day since it has the most traffic inside a hospital. 
  • Medical equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected because the next user may catch the last user’s disease. 
  • Needles, PPEs, and other disposable items should be properly thrown away to avoid contamination. 
  • Beddings and gowns must be washed with laundry soap containing disinfecting ingredients to kill any lingering virus or bacteria from the previous user. 

Food-related Establishments

Bet you wouldn’t eat at a food establishment that reeks like a sewer or has wet floors, right? No one would want that even if the said establishment is a 5-star restaurant. Regardless of how hungry you are or how tasty the food is, if a food establishment looks or smells funny you would probably ignore it.

Since food establishments produce products that their customers ingest, they must ensure proper hygiene and sanitation to avoid food-borne illnesses or a lawsuit that would probably get the establishment shut down. Here are a few things food establishments can do to maintain cleanliness and continue operations:

  • Always sanitize tables after every use.
  •  Sweep and mop the floor, including bathroom floors, if any.
  • Regularly clean bathroom, if any.
  • Wipe down kitchen walls immediately if there are splashes or stains.
  • Wash rags, towels, aprons, and uniforms daily (after business hours)
  • Clean stovetop, grill, or anything used for cooking after business hours.

Eating utensils should be washed using dish soaps to clean. Although most of these can be done by the staff, some things tend to fall into hard-to-reach places and the staff is too tired from doing their jobs to go the extra mile to clean under the stoves, cabinets, and so on. 


schools professional cleaning

Schools are children’s second homes, so don’t be surprised at how fast they get dirty. Hundreds to thousands of children, teenagers, and young adults attend school daily exposing them to environmental dirt. They touch surfaces such as doorknobs, stair railings, desks, and more. Imagine your children touching these things then touching their faces or other surfaces that will cause cross-contamination. An outbreak might happen inside a school if not properly maintained. 

Other schools even have trees and plants on pots that may attract different types of insects including mosquitos, especially on rainy days. Additionally, schools aren’t that small so hiring professional cleaners is always a must to maintain the school’s healthy environment. Below are some things teachers or other school staff can do to minimize dirt found in schools:

  • Regularly sweep and mop each classroom.
  • Wipe tables and chairs before and after classes. 
  • Always have trash bins nearby.
  • Always have spare alcohol for sanitary purposes. 

Hospitality Establishments

We all know that hospitality establishments are focused on making their guests comfortable, feel welcome, and cared for. These wouldn’t be achieved with a dirty or smelly environment, right? Hospitality establishments are built for vacation purposes and an unorganized, messy, smelly environment wouldn’t get you that vacation vibe. No one would want to spend their whole vacation in a room full of pests, you know. 

Cleanliness also plays an important role in their business’s reputation since reviews from previous guests will be posted on their site or Google review or other review sites. You know how a single bad customer review can put the business’s life on the line. Most customers are guilty of disregarding a certain establishment after reading a single bad review. 

Commercial or Office Buildings

Commercial or office buildings are mostly rental spaces, so they often host multiple businesses from food establishments, salons, a laundromat, a convenience store, and more. The diversity in the building is one of the reasons why they need professional cleaning services. Each business can hire its own cleaning service provider, or the owner of the building can provide for a single cleaning service provider for the whole building. 

Increasing businesses in the building mean increasing people. And the increased traffic will surely increase environmental dirt as well, that’s why professional cleaners should be hired to keep the building hygienic and sanitized. 

For businesses falling under these categories located in Litchfield County, Connecticut, or Middlesex County, Connecticut, hope you consider hiring professional cleaners that would help you maintain the cleanliness and the customers in your business.