Keeping Your Office Desk Workable

office desk cleaning

Your desk can say a lot about you as a person, your job, and your overall work style since office desks are where you spend most of your work hours seated and doing every task assigned to you. That is why ensuring that it is clean all the time is crucial to perform efficiently at work. However, there’s so little time left for you to thoroughly organize your desk so you end up with mediocre cleaning. This means that even if you are cleaning your desk, there would still be a ton of microorganisms, harmful or not, that sits on your desk throughout the day.

Relying on your office cleaners to do a more thorough cleaning on your desk might still fall short, especially if they are not specially trained compared to office cleaning services offered by some specialized companies. Furthermore, they offer flexible office cleaning that can help your business adapt to hybrid working while restrictions caused by COVID are slowly being abolished.

Most Common Missed Cleaning Spots

Ensuring that your desk is clean and disinfected allows you to work more efficiently. Although that is the case, cleaning and disinfecting your desk takes a long time and might lead to unfinished work. Therefore, employees often clean what they can during their free time which means not everything is being covered. Here are some commonly missed spots found on your office desk.

Computer or Laptop

Aside from pens and paperwork, computers and laptops are tools you often use and touch on your desk for your 8-hour shift. However, the chances that you have cleaned them recently might be low which is something that most people turn a blind eye to. As you might have guessed, most people rarely clean their computers or laptops whilst others never even bother to wipe their surfaces. On the other hand, people are scared to harm their computers or laptops by cleaning them without the proper knowledge.

Even so, cleaning them is quite easy. Simply unplug your computer or laptop to avoid being electrocuted. Carefully tip it over and give it a gentle shake to remove any loose debris stuck in between spaces. Lastly, grab a soft cloth and spray some disinfectant so that you can use it to wipe the device.


Drawers are often used to keep the most important documents to avoid spillage or crumpling that might make them look untidy and old. Since you can’t really see it inside if you do not bend over and take a look, they are rarely cleaned. This allows dust and dirt to build up without you knowing. The worst-case scenario would be a pest infestation of termites or ants.


To clean these in a less time-consuming manner, you may want to remove all of the stuff inside the drawer, put them on top of your desk nicely then start wiping down the inside of the drawers with a clean cloth dampened with some disinfectant.

keeping office chair clean

Office Chair

Sitting on a perfect and comfortable chair during your work shift makes things more bearable, right? And we do not want them smelling either. If you want to keep them perfect and comfortable to sit on, knowing what type of material they are made of is the first step. Most office chairs have a label attached to them with the appropriate cleaning instructions. Supposing you don’t see a tag, searching the internet would be the best choice.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Desk

Organize Paperwork

Collect all papers scattered on your desk and sort them by type, and deadline, or arrange them alphabetically. All unnecessary or unneeded documents should be disposed of properly by shredding them to avoid any sensitive information from being leaked.

Replenish Office Supplies

Write down all the office supplies you have used for inventory purposes and give any excess supplies to your co-workers or put them aside for future use–just make sure that you keep them in a space that won’t allow them to get damaged.

Label Files and Drawers

Having designated areas on your desk for certain types of paperwork or for items such as office supplies, your tumbler, phone, etc., helps in keeping your desk free of clutter. Moreover, it allows you to locate things faster without you wasting time searching for them.

Keep Mini Cleaning Supplies

Stashing away mini cleaning supplies that don’t take up too much space in your work area ensures that your workspace is always kept clean and disinfected. This also allows you to clean your office desk immediately after spilling some of your morning coffee or any crumbs left behind by what you ate throughout the day.

How to Make Office Desk Cleaning More Effective?

Seeing the tiniest bit of clutter on your office desk can feel stressful and chaotic. You might even notice how your productivity and effectiveness decrease when you are in a cluttered work environment. Ensuring that you have a clutter-free environment is important, but how to make your cleaning more effective is much more important.

  1. Put everything away before you start wiping down your desk to avoid leaving behind unwanted dust and dirt. Neatly place your things on the floor or in another room if they block the way. This is to avoid any tripping accidents from happening.
  2.  After wiping down your desk, checking the items individually should be next. This allows you to determine which items are still usable and which items are to be thrown away. You might be surprised at how much space you’ve gained by simply doing this.
  3. Using dividers and shelves helps you avoid a scattered and disheveled drawer. Dividers help in storing small office supplies, separate them and allow easy location. Shelves, on the other hand, organize your binders, manuals, and other paperwork.
  4. You might also want to reconsider your desk layout if your desk easily clutters again after cleaning. Looking for a more effective layout would give you more workspace and decrease the amount of clutter on your desk.

With these tips in mind, you are well on your way to keeping your space clutter-free and productive. If you work in an office environment with coworkers, keeping your own desk clean may not be enough. To help keep the entire facility organized and promote better productivity, hiring professional office cleaning services is the best option.

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