The Importance of Keeping Clean Commercial Entryways


presentable office entryways

First impressions shouldn’t always matter in the grand scheme of things. But in businesses, first impressions are just about everything. Malcolm Gladwell, a journalist, public speaker, and renowned author, even has something to say about it.

In his book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Gladwell emphasized a powerful point: buyers make most decisions by relying on their two-second first impressions based on stored memories, images, and feelings.

Creating decisions and acting upon them are almost always largely influenced by first impressions, especially when making a purchase or deciding where to eat, which are the most common examples of this case.

Freshly painted doors, bright and functional lighting, new floors, and updated décor—these are just a few of how you can make every working space

For stores, restaurants, and other commercial establishments, the best way to create a great first impression all at once is to have a pleasant and welcoming entryway.

Entryways should be clean. The importance of this imperative cannot be more emphasized. Your entrance serves as a representation of your building or brand and goes far more than just attracting customers. If you’re not investing in cleanliness, you’re basically throwing your business to the ground.

You won’t be able to establish a good connection or relationship with your customers if they see your entryway as unsanitary.

Why clean entryways matter

A clean entryway instantly creates positive energy. Cleanliness has the power to influence and affect the mood of a space’s visitors and customers. Everybody wants an uplifting environment that people will want to visit, work, dine in, and do business with.


However, cleaning commercial entrances is not just for establishing a good impression. It’s for a whole plethora of things. Sound health and safety from illness and other threats are more than enough reasons to keep a clean and well-rounded space.


How to upgrade your commercial building entryway

One of the easiest ways to keep your commercial building’s entryway clean and appealing is to make necessary changes and adjustments—upgrades.

You can upgrade your space’s entryway through the following:


The easiest and least expensive way to upgrade your space in any given period is to paint it. Give your entryways a fresh look by repainting them, especially if the current paint job is already damaged, worn out, or giving your entryway a distressed and unpleasant look. That’s not good for any business engagement.

When choosing paint, go for fresh and modern colors. These can easily attract visitors. You can also go for bold choices if they reflect your branding.

matching office furniture

Matching furniture

There’s something about coordinated pieces of furniture that just makes everything put together, and that’s not only appealing. It’s a decoration hack, and it does not create any distractions that could negatively impact your visitors.

Invest in modern pieces of furniture for your office lobby or seating area, as these are easily the entryway of your space. You can stick with classic neutral tones for your essential pieces if you want to be on the safe side, and then play around with colors for some focal points.

Of course, coordinated style doesn’t end there. You can extend it to the kitchen and pantry. There are plenty of office kitchen ideas that you can take to create a well-put kitchen design that feels attractive and homey.


Putting a bench or a couple of easy yet comfortable chairs by your entryway sets a receiving tone, letting your visitors feel that they are welcome to stay and do their business.


Poor lighting is easily a turn-off—it can make your visitors feel uneasy when they come to your space, so staying can be out of the question.

A good lighting fixture is an investment. People want a place that allows them to feel safe and comfortable, which comes from having a well-lit space. Plus, excellent lighting can enhance the mood of your visitors, allowing them to stay for a while. And that’s always good for business.

Ensure that your lighting fixtures are in good working order. Depending on the vibe you’re going, you can swap warm yellow bulbs for whiter fluorescent lights or LED ones. If you’re in the professional field, this is highly recommended.

Clean windows

A clean set of windows is also advised to improve the quality of light that goes inside your office building or commercial space.

Apart from contributing to a room that is adequately lit, cleaning your windows is also critical in keeping a space safe and free from health threats. In fact, this is a part of pest control management, and should at least be done on a weekly to daily basis, depending on how busy your building is.

For your convenience, you can let the experts do the cleaning for you. You can hire professional cleaners in Middlesex County, Connecticut.

Plants and greenery

One of the easiest ways to liven up a space is to put a couple of living things there—plants. Plants are a no-brainer when it comes to décor. They can instantly enhance and refresh the look of a room; all you have to do is to put a couple of pots of low-maintenance indoor plants like golden pothos and snake plants here and there and see a major improvement.

Apart from being an instant ornament, plants also offer health benefits, not just to your visitors, but also to you. Since plants help improve the quality of indoor air, they are also instrumental in dealing with bad smells in the office.

updating office flooring


A major upgrade, and updating your flooring can be quite expensive. But, doing so is well worth it. Assess your current flooring situation: how long has it been since that carpet has been washed or cleaned? Is it time to ditch it for some modern and snappy hardwood floors? Or maybe it comes in a different yet better color?

Carpeting is still the most economical choice, but tiles or laminate are highly recommended for high-traffic areas as these can resist wearing for an extended period.

Whatever your choice, make sure that you consider safety a top priority.  

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