Why Spring Cleaning is More Important Than Ever

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With the winter snow and ice slowly thawing away, the blooming of colorful flowers is around the corner. The spring air is also an indication that you should start preparing for your spring office cleaning. We all know how the winter season can create a gloomy office environment with its coldness. The spring countdown is a good time to revitalize your office and take full advantage of Connecticut’s seasonal transition!


Why Spring Cleaning is Important

During the last days of winter, your office is undoubtedly full of pathogens like cold and flu viruses that have survived the winter, extra dust from heater emissions, and other contaminants that are still lingering around the office ready to infect some of your employees or clients. Spring cleaning not only revitalizes your office but also allows it to prosper by ensuring that every nook and cranny of your office is spotless as you enter the summer months.


Cleaning your office during the start of spring is an excellent method to reduce the likelihood that you, your employees, and your clients will get sick from microorganisms that have accumulated there during the winter season. Also, it guards against other health dangers including allergies and asthma brought on by excessive dust that was probably produced by your heater emissions and other appliances.


Making sure you prioritize your employees’ health by carefully cleaning your office from top to bottom. Deep cleaning is always vital, but spring cleaning offers a nice seasonal incentive to assist in keeping you on top of your cleaning duties and make your workplace happier.


Benefits of Spring Cleaning

cleaning the office carpet

Long-lasting carpets

You may not be aware that your carpet serves as a filter. Shocking isn’t it? The largest filter in your entire office is your carpet! Pollutants in the air like fungus, asphalt, pollen, dust mites, and dirt can be filtered out by carpet. That’s why they need a seasonal deep cleaning to loosen and remove this deep-seated dirt and abrasive grit from your carpet’s fibers preserving the aesthetic and lifespan of your carpets. Doing a spring clean is important to help you welcome the blossoming season with fresh carpets ready to filter seasonal pathogens spring brings. 


Improves air quality

Air circulation is frequently at its worst during the winter when dirt, grit, and filth are tracked more easily than at any other time. A thorough spring cleaning will improve the air quality and lessen the number of allergens, irritants, and airborne particulates in your office.


Your office deserves to provide a very safe, comfortable, and productive environment for your employees, clients, and visitors. Starting with the air they breathe, this. After winter, this is especially true. 


Overlooked areas are cleaned

Every season, there are inevitable parts of your workplace that fall outside the purview of your service. In these places, fissures and crevices are prone to dust and dirt accumulation. If left untreated, certain wall regions that gather tiny particles of oil and dust will discolor. You have the opportunity to give these other areas the attention they require by performing proper workplace spring cleaning.


A safer workplace

Cleaning is essential to workplace safety whether you work in an industrial setting, commercial building, office, or educational setting. The opportunity to inspect first aid supplies, test safety procedures and assess your workplace for hidden issues like structural damage, mold, and pests are provided by seasonal cleaning. This is an opportunity to improve workplace health and hygiene.


Spring Cleaning Health Tips

An outdoor plant’s blooming season is a time to celebrate rebirth — specifically, rebirth from seasonal allergies. Below are some tips to help you learn how to spring clean your office more effectively and efficiently.


Use HEPA Vacuum

When you vacuum, you can get rid of more than just dust accumulation. However, not all vacuums work the same, one of the best spring cleaning tools to have is a high-quality HEPA vacuum. They capture invisible airborne particles that can trigger allergic symptoms. They capture debris from the home, including pet dander and allergies.


Always work from Top to Bottom

It’s crucial to start from the ceiling down when planning how to spring clean your office. By pushing the debris downward, you will avoid having to dust or clean your space again. Use your vacuum’s extension hose to first remove cobwebs and dust from your ceilings and fans if you have one. Prior to vacuuming up all of the dust and dirt from your flooring, dust your furniture and other furnishings. You’ll gain time this way.

cleaning the office filters

Remember to take care of your air

One of the most crucial and frequently neglected aspects of spring cleaning is changing the furnace and HVAC filters. In fact, switching out a conventional filter for a strong one with a high MERV rating will help you stay healthier as spring approaches. Smaller, irritating particles will be captured. Winter causes air conditioner ducts to accumulate dust, but new filters remove harmful particles before they can reach your area. You may ensure that you are breathing clean, healthy air on a budget by doing this.


Protect yourself by using PPE

The winter dust that has settled on furniture and fixtures will probably be disturbed by cleaning. Be sure to read the labels if you have allergies or are using powerful cleansers. Use rubber gloves, masks, scarves, and even hairnets for safe spring cleaning. Using protective gear will help prevent allergic responses and skin irritants.


Making a good first impression depends on every aspect of your business, so take advantage of the spring cleaning opportunity to ensure that everything is spotless, from dirty windows to blinds free of a bothersome layer of dust. By doing this, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the industry leader in cleanliness and improving your clientele.


The secret to a successful office is cleanliness, and a spring clean demonstrates that you are working to meet standards and foster an environment free from stress, which will motivate your staff to produce higher-quality work.


Burgos Cleaning Services can offer you a level of cleanliness unmatched by any other if you’re in Fairfield County or Hartford County, Connecticut. We are dedicated to providing excellent work and outstanding service. We can transform how you and your staff conduct business. Give us a call today to find out more!