Construction Cleaning Phases

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If you currently have an ongoing construction project, we’re sure that you’re stressing about how huge of a mess it is from start to finish. Several times throughout the project, the job site will need to be cleaned up to get rid of the piles of dust and trash. If you don’t do this you are increasing the risk of accidents happening on the job site because all that dust and trash lying around might trip or make someone slip one way or another. That’s why cleaning before moving into your office is equally as crucial as cleaning during your construction project since it also plays a major part in ensuring the safety of your workers. 


Construction Cleaning Phases

There are typically two main phases of construction cleaning namely rough cleaning and post-construction cleaning. A rough cleaning should be done halfway through your construction job, which frequently coincides with the time when your inspection is required. Once all of the construction is over and you are getting ready for the business to move into that space, you go on to the second phase of cleaning. 


Rough Cleaning

There are numerous materials present when the building is underway that could result in serious mishaps. The likelihood of someone getting hurt on a construction site is very high. This is why performing a rough clean in the middle of the project is crucial to ensure the safety of your employees and your family.


Rough cleaning is done while the job site is still being built and before any finishes are installed. This stage of construction would involve activities including framing such as the ones they use for raised floors, electrical work, plumbing, and drywall. During this stage of the project, a lot of dust and debris can easily fill a space, but you still need to clean up your job site in time for any building inspections.


The removal of dirt and debris during the rough construction phases will allow the inspector to work more efficiently and view the finished projects more clearly. Additionally, it will enable the second phase of the construction activities to proceed without hindrance.

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Post-construction Cleaning

After the entire construction project is over, your workplace will receive a thorough post-construction clean-up. Your new space will look amazing after this last round of construction cleanup. Professional cleaners will clean every surface in your building. During this post-construction cleaning period, there will still be a ton of waste, dust, and debris to deal with. Depending on the magnitude of your construction project, cleaning during this period may take many hours or even days. Contrary to routine office cleaning, a building project will leave dust and filth in every area of your workplace, necessitating extensive vacuuming, wiping, and perhaps even scrubbing to make your workplace shine. To make the post-construction cleaning more systematic it is further divided into three phases: rough clean, light clean, and touch-up clean.


Rough Clean

The cleaners remove and clean all the dust and dirt in this stage of the post-cleaning service. The cleaning staff comes to your location to assess the surroundings when you engage a cleaner for post-construction cleaning. They will create a blueprint, then work according to it. All of the windows and sliding glass doors will be cleaned during this stage by the cleaners.


After the framing of electrical lines and pipes, this stage is complete. After this stage is finished, you can proceed with painting and flooring your room. The cleaners will take out all the bulky things that can’t be vacuumed during this period. During this stage, they will also clean the stickers and other dust from your doors, windows, and cupboards. They will begin working on the following stage once the first phase is finished.


Light Clean

Out of the three phases, this phase is the one that requires the most time and the most equipment and tools to be used. The cleaners focus more of their attention on the kitchen and bedroom during this stage. At this stage, cleaning is being done on the toilets, sinks, cupboards, and other installed objects. You will have access to all the required tools thanks to the cleaning company.


The cleaners focus on cleaning baseboards, door frames, mirrors, and anything else at this stage. Using vacuum cleaners, they will clean the floors and mop them. Others even do the floor stripping process, especially if the construction project took a long time to complete. This is to strip it from all that build-up grime from all that construction. The cleaners will thoroughly clean the baseboard and cabinets from top to bottom. The cleaners employ a variety of tools during this step, such as microfiber rags and neutral cleansers. They pay closer attention so that your floor’s quality doesn’t suffer. People utilize after-cleaning services as a result of these factors.

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Touch-up Clean

The most crucial and last stage of post-construction cleaning is this one. After a few days of light cleaning, it is finished. It takes a week for the cleaners to locate the locations with the most dirt. This stage requires some time to finish. In this stage, they will remove all the smudges, stains, and fingerprints that are still on your surface. The cleaners will now sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, and clean the garage area. They provide a finishing touch for your establishment and go over the entire space.


When you start from scratch or redesign a building or space such that it is ideal for your business, it is such an exciting time. The inspection will go more swiftly and the following stage of construction will come together more easily if the worksite is tidy after this tough construction phase. A last post-construction cleaning will result in a finished renovation or new build that is professional and appealing once the entire construction job is over. After this stage of cleaning, it will be easy and comfortable to move into the workspace. 


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