Can Carpet Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs?

How to Tell If You Have a Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs generally come in 2 types, larger size ones that feed on human blood and cause visible bites and itching. And ultra tiny ones, known as dust mites, which can trigger allergy related symptoms and cause intense sneezing. Both of them are actual bug creatures. Carpets and floor rags are a common hiding place for both large bugs and dust mites. So keeping your carpets clean, certainly can help eliminate the problem. Dust mites especially, as their name implies tend to hide in dust, as well as in spots of darkness and moisture. However, cleaning should extend beyond just floor rags and carpets because bed bugs can also invade old furniture, upholstered furniture and even your clothes, before invading your bed. Dust mites can eas
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How Often Are Hotel Carpets Cleaned?

Cleanliness is of paramount interest in the hospitality industry, especially in upscale hotels. Carpeted floors are one of the most common flooring options in hotels around the world, along with marble and hardwood. While all of those materials do require routinely care, carpeted floors are especially tricky to maintain. Those soft, plush carpets you see in hotels wouldn't look nearly as good as they do without proper maintenance. Without proper care, they can end up looking old, rough, and dry and shorten the lifetime of your carpet. There is no industry standard for how carpets should be cleaned as that would depend on a lot of factors, including what kind of carpet you have, the traffic in the area, if there are any spills, etc. This article will help you determine how often hotel ca
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The Process of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a very essential thing in our home which is likely to break or make the appearance of the entire room. This is the main reason why the bigger population prefers to have carpets in their house to make it appear more elegant and appealing. Carpet is always at its best when thoroughly cleaned. A cleaned carpet should be able to pull great appearance. This is why it is recommendable to ensure your carpet is well cleaned. Therefore, here is the answer to the question, what is the process of carpet cleaning?

1. Pre Inspection

This is the first step involved in carpet cleaning. To go through the areas that need to be cleaned, it involves identification of faulty on the carpet such as pet odors, heavy soiling, and the damaged areas that need to be repaired. If need be, the car
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Common Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

When most homeowners get their carpets installed, they often think all they need to do is make sure the carpet is vacuumed or shampooed on occasion. Too bad: this is one of the common misconceptions of carpet cleaning. When you have your carpet installed, you expect it to last for a long time, right? Well, in this article we will help you protect your carpet and ensure it lasts for the intended period. We have debunked several myths and misconceptions that you should be aware of when it comes to proper carpet cleaning and maintenance.

1. Carpet cleaning should only be done when there is a lot of dirt

First of all, let's not limit ourselves to the dirt that we see. Outdoor air, for instance, contains several things that can as well collect up in your carpet. Such include pollens,
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